7 Ways to Make Breasts More Symmetrical

Breast asymmetry means when the size and shape of breasts don’t match each other and one breast is bigger than the other. Most women out there have asymmetrical breasts. Very rarely you will find a woman whose breasts are symmetrical. This is also one of the reasons why a whopping eight of every 10 women wear a wrong bra size. While there’s only a slight difference, and is not noticeable in most women, women who have different cup sizes in both breasts are officially termed to have asymmetrical breasts.

Since breast asymmetry is extremely common, over the years, women have devised certain tricks and techniques that can camouflage it. Let’s take a look at how you can make your breasts more symmetrical.

1. Bras with Lined Cups:

If your breasts are asymmetrical, then you can try wearing a padded bra, molded bra or a contour bra. All these bras come with a lined cup and are great for hiding the imperfection. However, be careful in choosing a padded bra. If it’s too padded, then it may not serve the purpose as they will still make your breasts look uneven. A little bit of padding will also do the trick.

2. Bras with Removable Pads:

These bras are great for women whose breasts are slightly asymmetrical. They can very easily remove the pads of the side, which is bigger than the other and add that pad in the smaller cup size. This will easily even out the difference in the breast size. In spite, of adding a bra pad, if you feel that there’s still a noticeable difference, you can add one more pad to make them seem more even.

3. Gel, Water, Foam, Fabric or Silicone Pads:

These pads are very easily available in the market. So, if you are not comfortable using padded bras, you can always wear a normal bra, and just add the pads in the side where your breast is bigger than the other. These pads are known to fill out the remaining spaces or gaps in the bras very well. While using a padded bra is not a mandate, it’s advisable because if there are any slight demarcations of the pad, it will be minimized to a great extent.

If you are using silicone pads, try and not use more than one in the cup of the smaller breast because there are chances of it looking and feeling bulky and heavy. Fabric and foam pads are naturally lighter than gel, water, or silicone.

4. Mastectomy Bras:

These bras are meant for women who have undergone mastectomy. These bras come with special inside pockets where you can add prosthesis or even a bra pad discreetly. You can also use additional pads to even out small differences if any. After you’ve inserted the bra pads, you’ll need to re-adjust the straps and the closure to ensure that you feel comfy, and above all, both sides look equal. After all, that is the main aim of using bra pads.


5. Double-Sided Body Tape:

A small, yet a very essential accessory, double-sided body tape can save you from many wardrobe malfunctions. When you’re out and about, and wearing a strapless top or a plunging neckline, this body tape can keep your girls in place and avoid any social faux pas. It’s an adhesive tape and can be cut in to the length that you require. One or two small pieces are enough to hold your breasts in place. Use these body tapes between your bra and bra pad or your top and bra. They are cleverly designed and will not damage your pads or clothes.

Body tapes are great when you’re wearing a bathing suit or a bikini. They are known to hold up even in water. So, if you’ve a skimpy bikini that you’d like to wear this summer, go ahead and do it boldly.

6. Chest Presses:

Chest presses can be done using only one dumbbell. However, you’ll need to ensure that dumbbell is extremely light and weighs anything between two and five pounds. To do chest presses, you’ll need to lie down on your back, preferably on a bench. Plant your feet firmly on the bench with knees bent. To protect your lower back while doing chest presses, ensure that lower abs is drawn inwards towards the spine.

Hold the weight in the hand of the smaller breast size. So, if the right breast is smaller, then hold the weight in your right hand. Take your left hand, and place the palm at the middle of the sternum. Now, bring out your right arm to the right-hand side, and bend it at your elbow in such a way that the joint of your elbow forms a 90 degree angle. Keep your right wrist straight, and the dumbbell needs to be parallel to the ground. Now, extend the arm straight before you flex your elbow and lower the arm down.

You can start by doing about eight reps. This exercise works on the pectoralis major. While doing this exercise, you’ll be able to feel them contract with your left hand.

7. One-Arm Dumbbell Flys:

This is another exercise that exercises the pectoralis minor, a comparatively small chest muscle. To perform this exercise, you’ll need to lie down flat on a bench. Ensure that your feet are flat, and your lower abs are engaged.


Now, place your left palm on the furthest right-hand side of your collarbones near your right arm-pit so that you can feel the muscles being worked on in this particular exercise. Hold the weight in the right hand. Start with your elbow bent and weight perpendicular to the ground, raised directly above your chest’s center. Then, lower your arm to one side, before you lift the weight back to the starting point, but not before stopping for a moment. You can do eight to 12 reps and a minimum of three sets.

Before starting any exercises, it’s always better to consult your physician. If you start exercising, and this is your first time, it’s advisable to hire a personal trainer who can watch what you’re doing and correct your posture if required. It’s very important to maintain the right posture, so that you don’t harm yourself while exercising. If the exercises are done correctly, your breast asymmetry can reduce to a great extent.

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