Experience and story about how to grow taller in 1 week

Natural stretching exercises to increase height for adults:

1. The benefits of owning a high stature
2. Injury on stature
3. because you can increase its stature
4. system analysis “high”
5. standards for performing the exercises
6. the art of breathing
7. The diet of people small
8. personal hygiene and various tips
9. The muscular exercise
10. A great exercise

1. It is unnecessary to enumerate words spender benefits that people of stature are on those of lower than average stature. In addition to purely material advantages, the high stature power of Attorney of extraordinary moral advantages. Openly or secretly, people small. envy those higher than them, and would pay any sum to be larger.

2. General injury and that, middle-aged, reached the height of the human body should remain unchangeable. This erroneous idea depends on widespread ignorance about the Constitution our body’s anatomy. But it is enough to call to mind some simple player concepts learned on school desks, to convince him that there is no reason because the body cannot grow in height as in width.

3. The human body is composed of three distinct parts: the head, neck and torso, legs. If it is vain hope of being able to vary the height of an adult’s head, the length of the neck, trunk and legs can undoubtedly be increased. The neck and torso, as everyone knows, are supported by a flexible column, the column formed by overlapping vertebral of various bones and vertebrae, each row like many other coins. The thirty-two vertebrae in the spine are connected by ligaments and muscles, which despite prohibiting them to fall apart, give the body a chance to bend, extend and turn to a certain extent on himself.

The primary means of Union between the vertebrae is the meniscus intervertebral disc, disc or species the bearing between the one and the other vertebra, form of a fibro-cartilaginosa substance. In people do not exercise, sedentary and elderly, the meniscus tends to atrophy and therefore the height is lowered. When the body does not have the necessary rest, the menisci are raccorciano and the vertebrae fuse together.

When, on the contrary, the body is rested, the menisci are their elasticity and behold because in the morning we are higher than in the evening. It is easy to establish with the figures the great influence that the exercise of the backbone can have on stature. A meniscus in perfect condition size from 3 to 4 mm, a meniscus do not measure atrophic one! Since the spine contains 23, length the entire column, consequently the stature of the individual can lose even seven cm for lack of an appropriate exercise.

A second important reason helps to decrease the human stature is spiking and the deviations of the spine. The spine in healthy child is almost perfectly straight, with the advance of years, S-shaped curves, including a curve concave dorsal fin between the shoulder blades and a lumbar curve concave between the kidneys.
You can here calculate that after these two abnormal curves arising from lack of exercise, an individual can lose by 2 to 3 inches in height.

Looking at obese people for example, we see that, for an act of balance, they reject your shoulders back and lower the head so as to compensate for the weight of the abdomen. With regard to your legs it is evident that an appropriate exercise affect as for the back joints. Sedentary in the tibia and the femur is no more the line
desired straight from nature, but a broken line, of course less high. Also on the flanks and the metatarsus a good exercise can get all the possible extension and all can be earned up to four inches for the limbs

A particular consideration they deserve.

The human foot, imprisoned by shoes, is gone for centuries subject to contract deformations of which the most common is without doubt the one known by the name of foot dish. The flat foot stems mostly from the weakness of the muscle of the metatarsals, so that your toes are raised by confirming to the sole of the foot is shaped like a horizontal line. This will easily lose up to an inch in stature. In our method is included an exercise intended to deal with this shortcoming (year n. 16).

4. The reader who has followed closely our brief explanations, you will already be convinced of possibility to increase its stature irrespective of age. Of course, the more the subject is young, training, and the result will be considerable; but again, everyone can increase from 5 to 8 inches!

How is soon explained and included in our “top”.

The originality of our system, although it’s so easy and convenient, and its effectiveness is controlled by many experts, comes from what all exercises that compose it, followed by a the direction normal to the axis of the spine. In this way all of cartilages conjunction is continuously stretched up to let them take the maximum extension possible.
As a whole the exercises are 23, distributed as follows:

  • 3 exercises for the neck (from 1 to 3)
  • 2 for the Trunk (from 4 to 5)
  • 1 for the abdomen (6)
  • leg 7 (from 7 to 14)
  • 2 for feet (from 15 to 16)
  • extension 7 (from 17 to 23)


This is not the case of wonder for the seemingly disproportionate number of exercises leg development. What we have been led by various reasons:

* While the rest of the body remains more or less moving, her legs are many hours of the day in perfect rest;
* For a cosmetic reason is absolutely necessary that the legs reach across the extent possible, what can come true to such an extent extraordinary with the cartilages of conjunction at knee level likely to say almost prodigious development. As is known, people are almost always small with proportionately short legs.
* Almost all the exercises, if they serve particularly the development of lower limbs are at the same time to increase the number of exercises designed to straighten and roll out the spine.

5. we will now summarize here briefly the rules under which our system must be practiced. We observe, first, that it is advisable to perform the exercises in the morning when raised, When the body rested and in possession of all his flexibility. However, several exercises by extension (for example no. 1, 3, 7, 16, 18, 20) can be at any time of the day.

Unlike other systems of gymnastics, we do not prescribe the number of times each exercise should be performed; the general rule and that we prescribe is the following:

Each exercise should be performed at least until the muscle wielded a test sense of strengthening.
The exercise must end as soon as the muscle exerted begins to try a sense painful fatigue. If fatigue does not appear, continue. Otherwise stop. The number of times that each exercise will be carried out will grow with the gradual workout. The time to 10 minutes a day has been fixed by us as minimum, but of course to get a quick and effective increase in stature it will apply much more. Also recommend to follow the exercise as subdivisions were laid down in the book, for example, a day of exercises for stretching of the neck, the next day the group back and so on, or two exercises groups, according to the ability and strength of people who practice them. Finally, it is advisable to sportswear to facilitate movement.

6. it is well known that breathing free, wide, deep, is an essential element for accelerate the replacement material. É from time immemorial that doctors and hygienists advised to breathe as much as possible free and pure air and therefore recommend the high houses, woodland walks, in the countryside and the sea. It is important to emphasize that oxygen is a real growing food; We recommend then to breathe deeply and
to stay healthy and ventilated environments.

7. one of the major causes growth disorders is the use and abuse of alcohol and meat. In this almost all doctors agree. We recommend therefore to those who aim to increase their stature as possible to moderate consumption. In meals to get foods rich in substances that specifically serve to strengthen the bone structure of the body. In this regard, the veterinary surgeon Dr. Darwin Smith writes:

In animals, this factors general body development; extended breastfeeding but not, however, up to the point where weaken keeping too long soft tissues; life outdoors, free and green foods. After Green foods, oats for the horse, the rice for the ox and soup for everyone. When you want to enlarge the sows basin, looks good by giving them foods that fatten, but rather of green foods such as the cravings of cabbage. This shows us that we use too much concentrated food during the our childhood and youth, white bread, sugar and red meat: there are in everything the strongly mineralized plasma that develop the large bowel and ensure
the growth in length.
We must, however, avoid the overfeeding is a cause of disturbance of growth. You will avoid even more the tachifagia, i.e. the bad habit of Chew and quickly. In spite of the his platitudes, even this is a recommendation of the first order.

The food quality has primary importance.

Some substances that promote growth, like carbohydrates (bread, pasta), foods phosphorous (lentils, peas, beans, field beans, provided in the form of puree), sodium chloride (cooking salt, in the form of salt baths). Other foods slow growth and between these We have already considered the use of meat and alcohol. The use of coffee, tea and sugar should be moderate.

The fish is a food very conducive to growth. Their flesh contains a good amount of lecithin.Children in period of growth is recommended vegetarian meals, tempered though and chicken boiled or roasted. fish meat. Recommended are the fresh cheese, rice and semolina puddings, fresh fruit and whole wheat bread.

Avoid where possible the cooking, to preserve their value vitamin content. To remember that gastric disorders are almost always a cause of growth disorders. A powerful aid to growth energy is found in cereal that decoctions contain vitamins, lecithin and mineral salts, provided you use whole grains and not shelled or ground. Boil three hours in order to obtain one litre of decoction. Let cool and strain through a fine sieve. Take glasses during the day, but preferably in the morning fasting.

This drink should be prepared daily. His extraordinary effect on growth is due to the oxidase ferment and freed from its wrapping of grain by means of a prolonged action.

8. To affect nutrition you can act on the skin. The skin is the starting point of a large number of reflections: the skin react excitations on the pot-engines, changing the equilibrandola blood pressure and stimulates trophic centres.

Most procedures used to get this stimulus are: hydrotherapy, aerotherapy, medicaments, opoterapia and gymnastics. In hydrotherapy, you get the effects you want with the showers, the bathroom, the “tub” followed by skin clutches made on average with a horsehair glove or velvet fabric.
In practice just to pour water on the nape, or alternatively a wet sponge. Not the water is too cold. The reaction should be rapid. The cold bath in the river and better yet are very useful. The bathroom should never
last longer than three to five minutes, depending on the temperature of the water and the atmosphere.
Even the showers should be short.

The air care aerotherapy or do you generally in mountain villages between the 800 and 1500 metres. But also the country air always has huge benefits for those affected by pollution of big cities. Electrotherapy uses faradiche currents to excite the cartilages of the conjunction. We can’t dwell on this point, being applicable only remedies with the help by a doctor.
The activity of these cartilages may be stimulated but massages, clutches, saltwater tablets; all easy means for everyone. We recall once again you need to insist mainly on adjacent to the cartilages of the knee, because, These are the most important bead height growth.
As for the drugs, we will say that if there are special medicines to grow high, There are medications that support growth. One of the most energetic growth stimulants is lecithin which increases holding in
nervous system organic phosphorus. It can be administered in the form of ovolecitina, but the best way is to swallow in the form of a decoction of cereals described previously.

The Opoterapia, i.e. the treatment by means of glandular juices, often makes miracles, but it has to be prescribed and supervised by a doctor. As it known the thyroid gland has a function in the development of the capital. In some individuals of arrested development, your doctor will then thyroid functions giving the dry extract of the thyroid. Other endocrine glands that have relationship with the growth are the pituitary gland, the thymus glands and genitalia.

9. The great means for everyone to increase in stature is the muscular gym. Muscle exercise has such importance that its only use it can increase the human stature as well as improving health status, of course. The exercise Active muscle the intra-organic combustion, changes in nutrients (metabolism)
increase in intensity and toxic waste are more easily eliminated. The result is a increased vitality for the individual and a best performance of growth energy is the set of physical and chemical forces which contribute to development.

These phenomena are manifested in the body, but their effect is particularly intense in level of organs that are home to a very active physiological work; for example: Joint cartilages. But these organs are equally sovreccitati from a job local; the activity occurs especially at the level of the lower limbs Joint cartilages are the most important agent of the increase in stature.

This justifies the great attention devoted to exercises for legs and feet. It then noted that the regions that govern muscle movement, are a kind of physiological unit. For example: at the level of the knee, the skin, the
underlying cellular tissue, muscles, periosteum, bones and cartilage are a the region whose organs are sympathetic, all irrigated by the same vessel and made from logs nerves coming from the same nerve trunks; Basically you have a trophic Centre for equal different organs.

As a result, when when you operate the muscles in this region, the nutrition of bone, periosteum and cartilage link under lying. So explain how muscle exercise can stimulate the activity of cartilages of conjunction, what determines an increase in stature. For this, even when we say the effect of a given exercise is the strengthening of a muscle, it is implied that It also acts on cartilage under lying.
Finally resting. We recommend that you sleep enough hours (on average 8), since during sleep the body stimulates and produces more growth hormone.

10. To finish, we will teach an exercise of extraordinary effectiveness. Stand in the middle of the room in an upright position, hands dangling along the body. Try of escape so that nothing will disturb your attention during the year. Start to pull your body upwards without but get up on tiptoe. When you have given your body the maximum voltage possible, stop and start to focus your attention on this thought: “My voltage is the greatest possible; I can lie down again, can I become even higher! .”
The concentration must be intense, powerful desire. You have to by any stretch of imagination call together all the practical reasons and you love they want a higher stature and say to yourself:
Behold, now I tend more, I will increase my height!
And then make a second effort, not violent, but intense and lasting laying around upward. Try to make sure that not a muscle, not a joint remains unused. From the soles of the feet, the knees, the hips, the spine, the cervical vertebrae, you have to feel your whole body that lengthens appreciably and irresistibly. Important note: during the year the soles of the feet must remain motionless to the ground.

Exercise 1 (gap 1)

Location: hands on hips, bending the head backward.
Technique: lengthen your neck as much as possible, back then the Chin more than you can, how to forming a double chin.
Effect: hard, correct deportment of the head. Strengthening of the trapezius muscle.
Exercise 2 (gap 2)

Position: upright. Hands interlocked behind their heads. Elbows firmly backward.
Technology: rise up on your toes with greater momentum. Fall back on toes, bend forward as much as possible keeping your knees stiff and the neck well in line with the body.
Effect: strengthening of the body of the back and legs.
Exercise 3 (package 3)


Location: sit on a chair with your back well supported on the backrest. Cling with hands on the seat.
Technique: keeping your body perfectly still, move slowly but firmly head in all directions, by lifting, lowering, by bending shoulders etc. Striving to stretch as much as possible the cervical vertebrae.
Effect: elongation of the cervical intervertebral meniscus.
Exercise 4 (Torso 1)


Location: get from behind the wall a Standing, legs apart,
Gashi strained at the top.
Technique: spill back into mokodo by touching the wall with your fingertips; rise
on your toes. Jump forward and fall until the end of the fingers
touch the ground. Do not bend your knees while exercising.
Effect: the work of muscles and ABS. Excellent fix for your back.

Exercise 5 (2 Torso)

Location: lie flat on a mat in the belly down stretching your arms forward.
Technique: give your body, arms and legs fully extended as possible, then lift arms
and legs as shown in the figure.
Effect: strengthening and straightening of the spine.
Exercise 6 (abdomen 1)

Location: back down on the carpet, hands on hips or arms crossed behind your head.
Technique: raised her legs well tight and together, feet in extent, the altitude is about 30 cm.
about from Earth. Without raising her head move your feet in a rotary motion.
Effect: reducing the abdominal volume.
Exercise 7 (1 Leg)


Position: standing, hands on hips.
Technique: lift the body as much as possible on your toes without bending your legs. Returning to the starting position and repeat the movement. Do the exercise to contrary; lift up the ends of the foot while keeping your heels on the ground.
Effect: development of the joints of the foot and calf muscles.
Exercise 8 (2 Legs)

Position: upright, mania on the flanks.
Technique: bring your left foot forward, tilt your body forward while keeping your leg the right tense without lifting the heel. “Pull” the right leg to stretch.
Return to the starting position. Change leg and repeat the exercise.
Effect: elongation of the joints of the canonical basin.
Exercise 9 (3 Legs)


Position: upright, hands behind his head.
Technique: move a side step the left foot. Tilt at the same time the body sideways, keeping his right leg, his left knee bent. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.
Effect: exercise of the extensor muscles of the leg and abdomen.
Exercise 10 (4 Legs)


Location: hands on the flanks or across the body. Lay the whole foot on a Chair.
Technique: vigorous leg flexion of the leg resting on the Chair while the other taut.
Effect: development of leg muscles and joints.
Exercise 11 (5 Legs)

Position: standing, hands on hips.
Technique: avnti lift the left leg taut, bring it directly to the position side, then lead directly to the rear position by doing so a half girth. The support leg must be straight. Try to keep the balance. Return to starting position and repeat with the other leg.
Effect: development of all muscles of the thigh, leg extensors, and extenders
flessorilaterali of the trunk; spine.
Exercise 12 (6 Legs)

Position: standing, hands on hips
Technique: lift up the left leg, the leg folded, the foot extension. Spread the leg in extension of the thigh. Return to the starting position keeping the leg taut. Repeat the exercise with the right leg.
Effect: exercise muscles in thigh flexors, leg extensors and
foot of the abdominal muscles and body Extenders

Exercise 13 (Gambe 7)

Location: standing.
Technique: tilt your body to the right, his right arm stretched sideways, the sinister folded across the chest, fists closed. Raise your left leg sideways and more can horizontally with the knee bent and the heel resting on the thigh. Launch vigorously the leg extension with your foot. Repeat the movement several times. Tprnare to the starting position and repeat the esrecizio from the opposite side.
Effect: development of the abdominal muscles, pectorals and recurring.
Exercise 14 (8 Legs)

Location: hands on hips, legs allrgate as much as possible.
Technique: keeping your legs closer constatnte voltage, a little at a time with each other through vigorous rhythmic shock until his feet touch each other.At each time to complete the shock with a strong spine, lifting as If you want to become higher.
Effect: elongation of the leg extensors, side Extenders and meniscus
Exercise 15 (9 Legs)


Location: standing.
Technique: lift alternately the thighs so that the knee is touching his chest While leg and foot remain in an upright position. Help bending grabbing onto corresponding hand ilginocchio to approach him as much as possible to the body.
Effect: development of the knee joint and the ankle.
16 exercise (10 Legs)

Location: sit back, keep the body erect, stretch the left leg.
Technique: lift your foot as much as possible without moving the leg and then lower the possible without moving the leg. Repeat the movement with his right leg.
Effect: unravelling of the metatarsals.
Exercise 17 (General 1 Extension)


Location: location of bends and toe-to-toe with his back to the wall and the arms raised to the maximum.
Technology: rise, soles of the feet to the ground, stretch the back until it touches the wall with your hands and head.
Effect: maximum voltage of recurring and dorsal muscles. Strengthening neck muscles.
Exercise 18 (General 2 Extension)


Position: upright against the wall, feet away from the wall and unit of about 30 cm. Arms raised and put on the wall.
Technology: rise on tiptoe. stretch every muscle of the body with greater force possible. When you have reached the maximum extension, make an effort the final stretch of more hands.
Effect: General extension of joints and muscle groups.
Exercise 19 (general 3 Extension)


Location: erect, turning the left side at the wall, hands abandoned along the body.

Technique: leaning on right foot simultaneously backwards and loungers with strength, his arm and his left leg, his right arm stretched forward in extension of the left leg. Repeat the exercise on the left foot.

Effect: extending muscles and recurring.
Exercise 20 (General 4 Extension)

Position: upright, stiff, feet, toes, arms pendants.

Technique: by any stretch of muscle contraction, withdrawing the belly and at the same time lift your shoulders as much as possible together with muscles. In this exercise, You should feel your spine move and relax along with muscles. You can give greater effectiveness to waving his arms as if in rowing, but leaving the body perfectly erect.
Effect: straightening of the spine, intervertebral meniscus lengthening.
Exercise 21 (General 5 Extension)


Location: relax on the bed or on a hard surface. Head, shoulders, back, legs and heels must lean.
Technique: grasp with his hands the mattress or table, stretch the body as much as possible, trying to extend the distance between the feet and head.
Effect: elongation of the extensor muscles of the legs, neck and menisci Intervertebral.
Exercise 22 (General 6 Extension)

Position: standing, arms along the body.
Technique: lift and bend backward as much as possible, at the same time, arms and a leg.Return to the start position and repeat movement.
Effect: spine straightening and lengthening of the extensor muscles dorsal and recurring.
Exercise 23 (General 7 Extension)

Location: standing.
Technique: bring the right leg forward and bend your body over letting fall the arms forward until it touches the ground. Then recover moving your arms with a
great circle backwards.
Effect: General unravelling of the whole body.

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