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11 Usefull Topics about Blood Sugar Diabetes Problems part 2
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Diabetes Products and Equipment You Must Keep Handy

The marketing departments of companies producing diabetes products would have you believe there are all manner of supplies and equipment that are vital to the diabetic - but it is possible to create your own list of diabetes medical supplies.

The first sensible item to carry is some form of diabetes identification, be it an identification card or a piece of jewellery such as a diabetes necklace. Wearing something that instantly identifies you as a diabetic drastically reduces the time wasted in diagnosing problems should you need medical assistance.

When travelling ensure you have a full supply of your diabetes medication. Carrying a prescription is a good idea, but not as satisfactory as knowing you have the insulin you need. Medication doesn't just include insulin. Also ensure you have an adequate supply of testing strips and other basic medications - anti vomiting, anti - diarrhoea and painkillers - before setting out.

It's much easier to equip yourself on your home territory than having to search out suitable products when away. Always carry more than you anticipate needing. Delays and changes to the best planned trips do happen.

If you are going to be transiting through a customs area make sure you have documentation from your doctor validating your need to carry blood testing equipment and insulin delivery devices. It will also be useful to have a letter from your doctor, giving a statement regarding your condition, should you need medical treatment whilst away from home. It always a good idea to carry original documents plus photocopies whilst travelling.

You always need to be in a position where you can test for and manage glucose levels. Carrying a couple of snack items with you, both simple and complex carbohydrate, can help you to manage low blood glucose levels should you be faced with an emergency.

Selecting foods for the diabetic diet when travelling by air can be a mistake. It is often safer to accept the regular food and make your own choices based on what you know to be good nutrition for your health.

If you use an electronic diabetes glucometer such as one of those offered by Bayer, ensure you carry spare batteries. These machines are incredibly useful but also useless if the batteries are flat.

If you are carrying your insulin with you, do what you can to protect it from extremes of temperature. Whilst insulin does not need to be stored in a refrigerator it will deteriorate if stored in extremes of temperatures.

Diabetes equipment is supplied by a number of companies in the form of diabetes kits and these are worth investigating as they tend to include the diabetes products you need. Having said that don't be intimidated. You are the expert in the management of your condition, consult with your local diabetic association and see what their recommendations are to patients then select the medical products and supplies that will be best for you.

It is possible to do your own research of the diabetes products and equipment on the market and build your own diabetes kit.


Natural Diabetes Treatments That May Help Control Your Blood Sugar

There has been a growing interest in alternative medicine for all health conditions and diabetics will understandably want to explore the natural diabetes treatments on offer.

If you are interested in any of the diabetes alternative medicine regimes you will have read and heard about, do be sure to keep your medical practitioner advised. The word 'natural' does tend to offer a false reassurance that natural diabetes treatments are risk free - and this is not always the case. Herbs for diabetes in particular can react with conventional medicines and their use must be closely monitored.

Remember that diabetes alternative medicine is to be considered as a supplement to your regular medical treatment. It would be dangerous for a type 1 diabetic to stop taking their insulin in a favour of a homeopathic diabetes remedy.

If you view anything claiming to be a natural cure for diabetes with a healthy level of scepticism you won't go far wrong.

With those caveats in place there are a number of supplements that may well work in such a way that they support natural body functions which makes self management of diabetes a little easier.

-    Research into the use of North American Ginseng has indicated that it may improve the blood sugar control mechanism in the body by acting on glycosylated haemoglobin.

-    Chromium is one of those substances required by everyone, even though it is described as a trace mineral. This substance is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrate and fats and the insulin production mechanism. Perhaps unsurprisingly, therefore, studies have shown diabetics often have low levels of this substance within their bodies.

-    Magnesium is another trace element that shows up in numerous body processes including the regulation of blood sugar levels. Early studies have indicated that there may be a link between low magnesium levels and insulin resistance.

-    The use of cinnamon has been the subject of a couple of small studies and the indications are that it does improve blood glucose control in those with type 2 diabetes.

-    Low levels of Zinc are associated with type 2 diabetes and it is thought this is due to the increased excretion of this trace element through the increased urination which is a symptom of the condition. Zinc plays a part in both the production and storage of insulin so it is not difficult to see why a deficiency might make diabetes more difficult to manage.

Many of these elements and nutrients can be found naturally in food stuffs. Eating the right foods is often the safest way of increasing your nutrient intake - overdoses of some elements can cause other health issues such as diarrhoea and vomiting, which is not helpful for the diabetic. By seeking out these supportive nutrients in their natural forms it is very difficult to overdose. There's only so much a person can eat.

Include leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds, oily fish, chicken, lamb and beef liver in your diet to be sure you are enjoying the richest sources of good nutrients. Before using supplements do check with your medical practitioner for contra indications - you want the natural diabetes treatments you use to help you control your blood sugar levels and not make your condition worse.


Diabetes 2 Diet - Food and Nutrition for Type 2 Diabetics

A diabetes 2 diet is really no different from the healthy diet advocated for everyone. It is not necessary to buy special diabetes food, it is sensible to pay attention to diabetes nutrition and your doctor may well recommend a diabetes diet plan if you are overweight or obese in order that you can lose some weight to make the maintenance of healthy blood glucose levels easier.

The main purpose of following a diabetes 2 diet is to help the diabetic maintain blood sugar levels within a healthy range and keep blood fats (lipids) at a level that reduces the risk of vascular disease - a known complication of diabetes.

Food and nutrition requirements are very personal and can be influenced not just by a health condition but by budget, culture, location and a willingness to learn and make changes.

A diet for diabetes includes all of the healthy eating recommendations made by just about every nutrition authority: high fibre/ low glycaemic carbohydrates, low fat dairy products, water, oily fish, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, a reduction in saturated fats.

By eating unprocessed, fresh foods you maximise your nutrient intake which naturally works to improve the lowered levels of many of the trace elements that have been shown to be lacking in diabetics. You effortlessly improve your nutrition profile without running the risk of accidentally overdosing on a particular nutrient or setting up conflicts between prescribed medication and supplements.

Many of the diabetes associations offer diabetes meal plan suggestions - there is even a diabetes association diet should you choose to follow it.

It is not necessary to follow a low carb diet - that is a diabetes myth. It is necessary to eat regularly, always carry a suitable snack with you, test your blood sugar levels before medicating and then enjoy your food.

If you keep a diabetes log book you will quickly come to understand the nature of your condition. You will be able to spot which diabetes foods to avoid - the ones that throw your glucose readings off the scale. Your body is as individual as you are and it is only by paying attention that you can learn what diabetes II diet suits you best.

Don't be tempted to restrict your diet (unless your medical practitioner tells you to)- that can only have the effect of making life miserable. Treat yourself to some interesting cookbooks, experiment with new ingredients, invite friends around to share your meals so they can see catering for a diabetic is not difficult or frightening.

Be sensible about the quantity you eat and the level of exercise you take. Overeating and piling on the pounds is no healthier for a diabetic than it is for anyone else. Watch for the comfort eating sometimes triggered by diabetes related depression - and be prepared to combat it with healthy snacks and nibbles that will not throw out your blood sugar levels.

A diabetes 2 diet is nothing other than a regular healthy eating plan combined with self monitoring and prescribed medication - there's no need to make it any more complex than that.


Diabetes Charts - The Importance of Monitoring and Recording Your Stats

Living well with diabetes depends in large part on the diabetic’s willingness to self manage their condition and a diabetes chart is a convenient way of capturing current data related to the diabetes, in order that informed decisions can be made in the future.

Keeping a diabetes logbook or diabetes diary is the best way of helping yourself and also helping your medical practitioner to give you the best possible health advice and treatment.

There are diabetes software packages available, if you are comfortable with the use of modern technology, which allow you to keep your personal diabetes log in electronic format - be it on your phone, your computer or on a web server.

For those less comfortable with trusting their information to the virtual world, there is nothing wrong with keeping a paper record. The important thing is to make use of a diabetes chart or diabetes log book so you maintain a record of the precise information you need in order to monitor and control your condition.

You can design your own diabetes chart, download one of the many free offerings a web search will reveal or buy a diabetic log book kit. The process of tracking and calculating blood sugar levels, diabetes symptoms, food, weight and exercise can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make it. However, the importance of maintaining a diabetes diary or log cannot be overemphasised.

The nature of diabetes as a health condition can mean medical emergencies can occur with breathtaking speed, leaving those who take care of diabetics needing to make quick decisions with regard to diagnosis and treatment. This process is assisted if an up to date diabetes chart is available detailing recent blood glucose levels, insulin and medication taken, food ingested and exercise taken. Having this information readily available can lead to a drastic reduction in the time it takes to treat a diabetic in an emergency situation.

However, the information captured on a diabetes log can also be used by the diabetic to help them better self manage their condition. Having the data in one place makes it easy to spot patterns and take pre-emptive action to prevent things like hypos occurring.

If you are able to make use of a program such as Microsoft Excel to chart your data the multiple display options allow different data sets to be overlaid allowing cause and effect to be quickly spotted.

Diabetics who live the happiest and most fulfilling lives are those who pay rigorous attention to the self management of their disease. By doing this they avoid many of the complications associated with diabetes. Monitoring and recording all the statistics regarding their condition is the foundation of being able to exercise good self management. It’s very difficult to effectively control blood glucose levels if you are not maintaining records. It’s similar to trying to cook a complicated dish without a recipe - it’s highly unlikely to have a successful outcome.

Diabetes charts are a key part in the self management of diabetes - however you choose to keep yours just be sure to keep them.

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