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9 Essentials Factors Increase Your Vertical Jump
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As you read in my Jump Manual review, the complete explosive vertical jump is accomplished with the combination of 9 essential factors. Why one should trained for 2-3 factors when there are 9 factors? Anything less effective means no results. All these 9 essential factors of vertical jump are very important because each factor works with other factor to give explosive jump such as flexibility allows your muscles to fully expand and provide more space for strength. With the combination of all these 9 essential factors you can get explosive vertical jump that you always desire but it is important to remember if you left out any one of them you will not get your desired results. It is very important to understand what level you need to accomplished in these 9 essential factors.

9 Essentials Factors of Vertical Jump

1st Essential Factor — Flexibility:

Flexibility is the most important factor for maximizing vertical jump because every muscle is counterbalance by other muscle. For instance biceps are counterbalance with triceps. During vertical jump when biceps flex then triceps should be flexible enough to avoid any unwanted resistance. You often notice professional players and athletes obtain hamstring injury, this is because their muscles lack in flexibility. Flexibility helps your body to gets strong supporting structures and prevents obtaining any injury. Here are the some benefits of Flexibility:

  • Strengthen supporting structures and joints
  • Reduce the risk of injury by balancing muscles
  • Create more space for strength to develop
  • Improve circulation which means proper nutrition in-take and quick muscle recovery

2nd Essential Factor – Strength:

Strength is directly related to the amount of fiber (fast fiber or Type-II fiber) your muscles develop during muscle contraction. In Jacob Hiller manual you will learn how to train your slow muscle fiber to act more like fast fiber. There is no way to convert your slow muscle fiber into fast fiber but there is the way to train slow muscle fiber to act like fast muscle fiber and provides same benefits.

3rd Essential Factor – Stability:

Stability is another important factor for maximizing your vertical jump. The main goal is not only jump higher instead the main goal should be achieving vertical jump with safety. The human body is created in such a way that every muscle is connected with other muscle or joint. If there is instability in even one muscle then other muscle and joints also absorb it and damages your efforts. It is very important to work on your stability during vertical jump to avoid any possible injury.


4th Essential Factor – Quickness:

Quickness has direct relationship with strength your body creates during vertical jump. It does not matter how much strength you have, the main thing that matters in vertical jump is how quickly you can generate it. There are some people that are very strong but they are not quick enough to generate their strength while on other hand some athletes are very quick so their quickness multiplies with strength to give ultimate explosive vertical jump. If you want to increase your vertical jump then you should work on both. The formula for explosive vertical jump is:

Quickness X strength = Explosive Jump

5th Essential Factor – Fuel:

protein rich foodAs car without fuel will go nowhere similarly muscles without fuel will not give you jump that you desire. You need to provide enough nutrients to your muscles to start their growth and use them when you need. No, you don’t need strict diet plan to start the growth of muscles just creating little changes in your lifestyle you can feed enough fuel to your muscles. Jacob Hiller shared a sneaky way in his manual many athletes using to store fuel in their muscles for utilizing in peak time.

6th Essential Factor – Neurological Recruitment:

The ability of jumping higher totally depends on your nervous system. When your nervous system recruits muscle fiber and create force then you get highest jump. You should train your nervous system to recruit every muscle fiber, force every muscle fiber to fire at maximum speed and response quickly at right time. Many people fail to train their nervous system that is why they fail to jump with their full potential.

7th Essential Factor – Form:

When someone does a vertical jump then many of his muscles like arms, abdominal, calves etc go to the upward direction while other muscles go into forward direction. If you want to increase your vertical jump then you must train your every muscle to go into upward direction. Vertical jump is the series of momentum with one final goal and if you want to achieve that goal then your every muscle should goes upward direction when you jump.

8th Essential Factor – Hereditary Factors:

In human body there are two types of muscle fiber. First is slow twitch fiber and second it fast twitch fiber. These two fibers found in men as well as women body but the amount of these fibers are more as compare to women body. Slow twitch fibers act like hurdle in maximizing vertical jump but fast twitch fiber provide support to muscle to jump higher. Sadly, there is no way to convert slow twitch muscles into fast twitch muscles but surely there is a way to train slow twitch muscle into fast twitch muscles. When your fast twitch muscle fibers as well as slow twitch muscle fiber (acting like fast twitch muscle fiber) explode together as a result you get explosive vertical jump.

9th Essential Factor – Body Weight:

Body weight is one of the essential factors for vertical jump. During vertical jump your body will lift your entire weight. If you slightly overweight then you must lose weight before working on maximizing your vertical jump. But don’t try to lose weight quickly because when body lose weight quickly the efficiency of metabolism will also goes down and most probably you will gain your weight back. The formula for losing weight is simple, when you burn more calories than your in-take calories you will lose weight and if you burn less calories than your in-take calories you will gain weight and if you keep your lifestyle moderate by burning the same amount of calories that you intake your metabolism works with his same efficiency.


All these 9 factors are important you cannot left any one of them if you want to get 42” vertical jump. Every muscle is connected with other muscle or joints if even one muscle does not get proper fuel it damages your whole efforts. If you want to get your desired results then you must work on every factor.



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