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In any treatment plan, the best barometer of your diabetes condition is your blood glucose stage. Monitoring it is an important part of your diabetes control plan. A simple blood glucose log help you keep track of your results and review them to see how food, activity and stress affect your blood glucose. By understanding and analyzing what it is that affects your blood glucose level and leads it to be too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia), you will manage your diabetes much more successfully. Additionally, sharing these details with your doctor or diabetes group will help to customize a diabetes management plan.

There are positive groups of people that may benefit from checking blood glucose including the following: pregnant women,those taking insulin, those with consistently low blood glucose levels, those having difficulty controlling their blood glucose levels.

These groups of people can adopt several methods of testing blood glucose levels:
Traditional home tests: That method involves pricking your finger with a small, sharp needle and putting a drop of blood on a test strip and then placing the strip into a meter that displays your blood sugar level. The video here can give you an idea of this method.
Other meters: There have been newer meters that have been introduced to the market which allow you to test
Traditional Home Blood Sugar Monitoring: The traditional method of testing your blood sugar involves pricking your finger with a lancet (a small-sharp needle), putting a drop of blood on a test strip and then placing the strip into a meter that displays your blood sugar stage. Meters vary in features, readability (with larger displays or spoken instructions for the visually impaired), speed, size, portability, and cost. Current devices provide results in less than 15 seconds and can store this information for future use. Some of these meters can also calculate an average blood sugar level over a period of time. Some  of meters also feature software kits that retrieve information from the meter and display graphs and charts of your past test consequences. Blood sugar meters and strips are available at your local pharmacy.

Meters That Test Alternative Sites: Newer meters may allow you to test sites other than your fingertip; these alternative testing sites may include , forearm, base of the thumb upper arm, and thigh. On the other hand, testing at alternative sites may give you results that are different from the blood sugar levels obtained from the fingertip. Blood sugar levels in the fingertips show changes more quickly than those in alternative testing sites. That is especially true when your blood sugar is rapidly changing, like after a meal or after exercise. It’s also important to know that if you are checking your sugar while you’re experiencing symptoms of hypoglycemia, you should use your fingertip if possible , as  these readings will be more accurate.
Continuous Glucose Monitoring System: Also known as interstitial glucose measuring devices. Some devices are combined with insulin pumps. They’re similar to fingerstick glucose results and can be used to see patterns and trends.

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