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Diet for Gestational Diabetes
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Have you been diagnosed with gestational diabetes? A best diet for gestational diabetes will be your first method of controlling your diabetes as well as monitoring your blood glucose levels for the duration of your pregnancy.

The good news for you is that gestational diabetes is usually a temporary complaint, it normally disappears after a baby is born. Not so good news is that women who have experienced gestational diabetes are at higher risk of developing Type II diabetes.

Women who already have diabetes and become pregnant also need to take special care of themselves to ensure they eat well and stay healthy throughout their pregnancy.

What Does Having Gestational Diabetes Mean?

During pregnancy women can develop what is referred to as “insulin resistance” .This is when the body is creating hormones to assist in the growth of the baby but these hormones impact the insulin in the mother’s body.

As the baby grows the mother requires more energy but her body is unable to produce the extra insulin required. When a consequence the placenta can absorb too much glucose which can over time cause the baby to develop too much fat, and be larger than normal at birth.

Fortunately by discovering that you have gestational diabetes you can reduce these risks through lifestyle changes and monitoring your blood glucose levels.

How Do I Know If I Have Gestational Diabetes?

It is typical for women to be tested during their second trimester with a blood glucose challenge or a glucose tolerance test (after fasting overnight). A lot of women will not be aware that they have the disorder until they undergo the test and can become shocked and concerned by the diagnosis. Women may ask why me and is the diabetes going to affect my baby?

Fortunately gestational diabetes can be carefully managed so that the baby will not be born with diabetes and the mother’s diabetes will disappear after the pregnancy.

Managing and Living with Gestational Diabetes

Women obviously need to look after their own health as well as that of their unborn child while they have gestational diabetes. For the duration of the pregnancy they will need to follow the steps that others need to when they have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes:

  • Maintain a healthy diet: A diet for gestational diabetes recommends that you cut back on sugars, increase vegetables and whole grains. Reduce saturated fats. Important nutrients for pregnant women are folic acid, calcium and iron. It may be a careful balancing act to ensure that you get good nutritious food that will not cause weight gain which is why a specifically designed pregnancy diabetes diet is helpful.
  • Increase activity: Regular physical activity assists in your general health and wellbeing as well as helping to naturally control your blood glucose levels.
  • Monitor blood glucose: Regular testing is required to ensure you are staying within healthy assortments. Your doctor and those assisting you with your pregnancy can support you with this.

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