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Different types of hemorroids
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There are different types of hemorroids, depending on their location, severity, and the amount of pain, aggravation, or discomfort they cause. These are:

• Internal hemorroids are located inside the rectum and are usually painless, especially if located above the anorectal line. But sometimes tend to bleed due to too much

• External hemorroids also known as "piles", an unfashionable term to describe external hemorroids. These expand soft lump under the skin at the opening of the anal cavity. When an external hemorroid puffs up , the tissue in the area becomes firm but sensitive and turns blue or purple in color. Occasionally, a condition known as thrombosed hemorroids can happen; in that case, a blood clot develops and the lump becomes hard. The external hemorroids are usually hurting, as the tissue around the anus is densely covered with nerve endings

The signs and symptoms of hemorroids vary from person to person, and are dependant upon the classification of hemorroid. Remember that the signs and symptoms listed below may be an indicator of a more severe, underlying deficiency

• Internal Hemorroids: Rectal Bleeding and pain are regularly complained about. The internal hemorroids can be extremely painful, as they often protrude and can become clotted , or thrombosed. Mucus is also another indicator of Internal hemorroids, as is blood upon your stools or in the toilet
• External Hemorroids: Symptoms of external hemorrhoids are sever pain and hard lumps, swelling around the anus. The lump may have blue or purple tint. The other common indicators of external hemorrhoids are itching. This is caused by mucous leaking from the anus. Irritation and burning sensation are also one external hemorroids symptoms. Moreover, the urge to continually want to go to the toilet is a very irritating occurrence.




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