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Does Penis Size Matter? --- The BIGGEST debate----
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There are many ways and angles to look at, with this topic. Its quite complex yet, however, at the same time simple. I'll discuss women's views on penis size, men's views on it and what I think.

So, does penis size really matter to women?

I have asked around over the years, and honestly, I can not come up with an answer that suits everyone. Some women think that average sized penis' are fine, some like them BIG, while others don't want to go near a big penis at all! Some like them thinner, others like them thick. All the answers I have ever gotten though are in response to what was the most pleasurable for the woman.

There are several things that women think about penis size. First, I have noticed that a larger penis is more "eye/visually" appealing for women.

It's like a man seeing a woman with a pair of nice round boobs! They just look great! What would you want? A pair of low hanging "melons"? Or some fresh tasty cantaloupes?

Secondly, what do they think about penis size…sexually?

The answer, of course, depends on the women you are with. It's like Penis Enlargement, what works for some guy might not work for another. But through my travels, it seems as though girth is more important to women than length.

A thicker penis will stretch, and have more contact with the first couple inches of the vagina (where almost all of the nerve endings are). It also gives a more "fuller" feeling which some women find very pleasurable. But, that doesn't mean length isn't important. Reaching deeper depths of a woman's vagina can cause great pleasure as well.

Another factor is how well the penis makes contact with a woman's G-Spot.
But like I said earlier, the size which a woman enjoys, depends totally on the woman. Some can take a 12x8 dildo all the way…some are fully satisfied by only 6x5!

"Just today actually, I heard a girl in one of my classes saying to her other girlfriends that when she masturbates, she can only fit 2 fingers inside because any wider than that hurts…I just smiled to myself"



Now, what do men think?

I think that penis size is more important to men than it is to women. Men literally "obsess" over it. "Is my penis big enough", "Will I be a good lover"…these are all questions that men ask themselves. To men, a larger penis almost symbolizes power, status and prestige...if you can walk into the showers at the gym with a penis around your knees, you'll have far more respect than a man with a smaller penis, and be considered "the top dog".

I think for men a big size penis is a bit like a sports car…something you own that makes you feel more of a man.

There is no doubt that the majority of men think "bigger equals better." No wonder then that so many men whose prized possession resembles a bean or pine cone rather than a cucumber want to convince themselves that size doesn't matter, and hate hearing women saying that, well, actually, in some ways it does matter!

But the reason it matters to men is because they think women are saying real men have big cocks. And this is not what women are saying at all. I doubt you would find many women who are measuring a man's masculinity by his penis size. When a woman says "a big penis feels nicer", the man hears her say "a big penis means you're more of a man or a better lover." In fact she's saying that a big penis just feels nicer! 

A man's biggest fear is not that a woman won't enjoy sex because his penis is too small…it's like she will take one look, laugh her head off and humiliate him. It's the fear of being exposed as a small dicked-man that terrifies men. (Remember the false assumption - a small penis equals an unmasculine man?) 

And the problem is that while men think like this, whether they are swinging it around like a third leg, or whining about how small it is, they are not focusing on giving their partner what she wants. But most men do not see penis size in terms of the pleasure it will give a woman. In fact it seems to me that men's obsession with penis size is all about male vanity: firstly in the belief that if one has a big penis one will be a better lover, or somehow attract more women, or be more confident as a man. And secondly a man might desire a huge penis because he believes his lover will have a great time, say what a wonderful lover he is, and thereby make him feel more masculine. And thirdly so that women just take one look and say, "Holy Shit, look at his cock its huge!"


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So what do I think? I think that a penis is a penis! To a women, there are many factors about you that she might find attractive…Some prefer men who are taller and have dark hair, while some women like blonde guys. Some women prefer men with a great physique. Some like dominant men. Some want a passive partner. The whole range of male, physical and emotional features appeal to different women in different ways… and penis size is just one of those features. But to make the point: when women say that penis size is important, they are not condemning men with small cocks to a life of masturbating alone. What they are saying is that their partner's penis size - large or small - is one of a number of factors that influence how much sexual pleasure they enjoy in that relationship. And it is true that to some women penis size is totally unimportant.

And I just have to say, that in my opinion girth would be more important to a woman than length. There was a guy on a forum once who said "Length makes them say "OHHH"…Girth makes them say "OHHH GAWD"!"

Just my opinions I could be wrong.


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