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Follow healthy dietary tips for hemorroids
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o Eat high-fiber foods: Eat more fruits, grains and vegetables. By doing this it softens the stool and increases its bulk, which will help lessen the straining that can cause your internal hemorroids
o Drink plenty of liquids as much: At least a minimum 6-10 glasses a day also helps in preventing constipation thus lowers the risks of having internal hemorroids
o Consider fiber supplements: You can ask counsel from your doctor for any stool softeners. That can give you relief from internal hemorroids or getting the possibility of having hemorroids
o Change bowel habits: reply to the urge to defecate and stay relaxed to avoid straining to avoid bleeding of your internal hemorroid
o The best technique to prevent internal hemorroids is to keep stools soft so they pass easily, thus decreasing pressure and straining, and to empty bowels as soon as possible after the urge occurs



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