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Four Ways to Improve Leptin Sensitivity for Burning Fat
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Are you frustrated because of over-hyped weight loss that failed to live up to your expectations?

Do you think your genetic don’t able you to lose weight?

If you are trying to lose weight from sometime then you realize market is flooded with weight loss programs that mainly focus on men body. There are more muscle building programs than weight loss programs that focus solely on female body.

Even many so-called fitness experts promote their products by telling us their products work for men and women both but, we know that our body composition is different from men. So how same weight loss plan works for everyone?

How one weight loss plan works for every men and women when their inside and outside body composition is different and even the hormonal production is different as well. If you look at remaining weight loss program that build especially for women, they don’t concentrate on one very important thing and that is body shape.

We don’t want macular body with ripped abs instead we want flat stomach with some muscles and if you narrow down your search you find only one program existing in the market (according to my knowledge) and that is Venus Factor. Read complete review at homepage of this site?

The main difference in this program is that it is build solely for female body and concentrate on feminine shape. In this women body-reshaping program John Barban highlights the importance of Leptin hormone and tells us how to increase its sensitivity for maximum weight loss and body-reshaping.

Now, you may be wondering what is Leptin and how this hormone helps in weight loss?

Don’t worry because in this post I am going to highlight shocking facts about Leptin and also tell you how to increase its sensitivity for maximum fat loss.

What is Leptin and how it effects on female body?

Leptin is the hormone that is released by fatty tissues and it helps in regulating fat loss inside the body. It is also called as signaling hormone because it signals brain about the amount of fat in the body and also performs other duties such as regulation and signaling of bone density, insulin level, metabolic rate and even the production of new skin cells.

Some people called it as “obesity hormone” and some called it as “fat loss hormone” because of its importance in weight loss and overall appetite regulation. When leptin is release from fatty cells it signal brain how much fat body has and how much food body digests.

Leptin in found in men as well as women but as compare to men, women body has twice amount of leptin but that does not mean women have license to eat as much toxic foods as they can. It is important to remember women body lacks in muscle which means women body store more fat than men.

Since leptin is present in higher amount than men, you may be thinking women have to work less to get weight loss. No, it is not the same case. Leptin is present more in women for a reason and to keep at that level women have to work hard than men to get weight loss. But that does not mean women have to lift more heavy weights or run countless hours on treadmill to keep their leptin level balance for weight loss. Women have to stay longer and consistent with their diet plan than men to obtain results.

Research proved women are twice more leptin sensitive than men. When leptin falls women body drops twice more leptin than men and when it goes higher than it rises twice more than men. If any woman wants to lose weight then she should know how to balance this hormone for maximum weight loss.

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When it comes to balancing leptin hormone women can improve her leptin sensitivity. Basically there are four ways from which women can increase their leptin sensitivity.

  1. Use Herbs to increase leptin sensitivity.
  2. Get more sleep.
  3. Fasting.
  4. Exercise program.


Few years back, drug companies start manufacturing supplements that work directly with leptin because research on mice proved that increase in leptin hormone increases fat burning effects but unfortunately this is not the same case with human body.

Female body already contain twice as much leptin as compare to man and increasing leptin does not increases fat burning effects. Instead there are some herbs that are recently discovered found effective in balancing leptin hormone.


The great way to improve leptin sensitivity is to ensure that you get proper and consistent sleep. Lack of sleep misbalance the production of many body hormone and leptin is not different.

In 2011, Dr. Charles proved that lack of sleep causes leptin resistance that is why body starts feeling tired throughout the day. Good quality sleep balances the production of body hormone and body works consistently.

Many women cut down their sleeping time to manage some time for their family and if you are also one of them then you must put a plan to get good and consistent sleep.

Intermittent Fasting:

There is lots of anti-fasting information available on the internet but, the fact is that fasting improves leptin sensitivity but, that does mean you can start fasting for a whole day without food or drink.

Short and irregular fasting with caloric-free fluids is the best way to improve leptin sensitivity and stop body from storing fat.

Exercise Program:

Previous research proved that exercise not only improves physical body but it also helps body organs to work properly. Exercise improve whole body organs, keeps hormone balance and help in burning fat.

If you don’t want to build mass muscles (I am sure you don’t) then even low intensity workout is enough for you. If you are not having any exercise at all in your lifestyle that means you are missing some great fat burning benefits.


Leptin is very vital hormone for fat burning but due to its high effects in women body it is important to balance this hormone for maximum fat burning effects.

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