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Hemorroids surgery
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*Hemorroidectomy: This kind of hemorroids surgery is commonly reserved for permanently prolapsed or protruding hemorroids, those are anal surgeries that are carried out under anesthesia and may require hospitalization after the process. While the hemorroids become to large and already protrude out of the anus most of the time, it can be a right time and be necessarily be cut off through a hemorroids surgery process called hemorroidectomy. In several cases, it might not mean actual cutting off of pieces of hemorroids tissue from the anal walls, but just merely dissecting the swollen hemorroid to remove clotted blood and puss so that the hemorroid can eventually dry up with the help of other medication such as ointments and suppositories. The internal hemorroids usually can be destroyed by injecting them with a chemical substance, this is necessary if internal hemorroids are prolapsed or very large

*Coagulation: This kind of hemorroid surgery is considered best for hemorroids that are still in its smaller form. It involves the process of burning of hemorriods with the help of electric current or infrared light to burn off or shrivel the hemorroid tissue.. Nonstop hemorroid treatment results in shrinkage and disappearance of hemorroid.
*Rubber Band Ligation: Any qualified medical practitioner uses a rubber band to tie off the hemaroid at the root so that they wither off and die. By it’s very nature, this hemorroids surgery method of treatment cannot be applied in the early stages of the hemorroid since the hemorroids are still tiny. It’s best suited for hemorroids that are already hanging out of the anus, or those that are seen and felt as big lumps outside the anal opening. That procedure is based on the fact that hemorroid thrive on regular blood supply. Consequently, if the blood supply is cut off, by tying the vessels that carry blood to the lumpy hemorroids, then this shortage and absence of this blood supply will see to it that the hemorroid will "starve to death", but it take a couple of weeks for the area to completely heal. That procedure is usually painful and may cause bleeding and because there are no nerve endings in the rectum, and no anesthesia is necessary on this kind of hemorroid surgery

*Sclerotherapy: In sclerotherapy, a chemical solution or substance are injected around the blood vessel to shrink and destroy the hemorroidal tissue



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