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How to Increase Estrogen to Maximum Breast Enlargement Rapidly?
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If you are unhappy with your breasts size and want them to grow bigger then you are not alone that want this. There are lots of women that want to increase their two very important body assets but because of useless information about breast enlargement they can’t able to make that happen.

When it comes to breast enlargement the image of creams, lotions, foods and exercises start building up inside the mind. All these breast enlargement methods build on one simple technique and that is balancing breast enlargement hormone that is ESTROGEN.

Hormones are very important for human body. They decide how much fat body contains, how big muscle body has and how much food body digests. Hormones work as signaling unit. They release by fatty cells and send signals to brain. Breasts are not different from other muscles of the body and ESTROGEN plays important role in making them grow.

All FAKE breast enlargement creams, lotions and pills work on same principle and that is increase Estrogen inside the body. Behind all these fake products, the real truth lies is breast enlargement is possible. By creating the same hormonal condition that you have in your puberty, it is possible to make breasts “think” it is time to grow. Creating re-growth hormonal production is the same technique that use by bodybuilder to increase their muscles.

If breast enlargement is possible then, you may be wondering how to increase them?

There are four ways to make that happen, that are:

  • Balancing out Estrogen.
  • Increase Growth Hormone.
  • Increase Prolactin.
  • Decrease Testosterone.

These are the four ways on which breasts start growing. Here is detailed information about how to follow these four ways


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Balancing Out Estrogen:

Estrogen is very important hormone that increases breast size but, this hormone performs other duties as well. Estrogen is popularly known as “Women Hormone” because it helps in increasing other parts of the body.

Many women think if their Estrogen level reaches peak their breast will start growing which is not true. Increasing Estrogen level will never make breast grow. Even many women have too high level of Estrogen in their body and still can’t able to increase breast size. The key for breast enlargement is balancing out this hormone with other hormones of the body.

Increase Growth Hormone:

Growth hormone is the hormone which increases various part of the body. Like other hormones, Growth Hormone also has other duties. Growth Hormone works as a ‘policeman’ and make sure all other hormones remain in equal amount. We can say that Growth Hormone balance out other hormones and Estrogen is no different.

There are many herbs, supplements and foods that increase the production of Growth Hormone but the rule of thumb is that the higher amount of Growth Hormone in the body, the easier for breast to grow bigger.

Balancing Out hormones is very important which is only possible by increase growth hormones.

Increase Prolactin:

Prolactin is another very important hormone for breast enlargement and this hormone works with Estrogen and cut down any increase level of Estrogen. Prolactin increases fat storage in the breast and make them grow.

Prolactin is special type of hormone that increases naturally on two important occasions of female body. And these two are Puberty and Pregnancy. On both these occasions Prolactin starts growing and store fat inside breasts which make them grow.

Don’t worry the good news is that there are certain herbs that increases the production of Prolactin.

Decrease Testosterone:

If you want your breasts to grow bigger then you have to decrease the level of Testosterone production in your body. Testosterone is known as “male hormone” because it’s found in great quantity in male body. But, still some women have high level of Testosterone in their body which kills the production of Estrogen.

Although Testosterone is known as ‘male hormone’, it is quite easy to keep it low. The main growth of Testosterone comes from the high level of insulin. When the level of insulin grows up, Testosterone starts generating in the body that kills Estrogen. Only by reducing sugar foods women can easily stop the production of Testosterone in their body.

Herbs for Breast Enlargement

Mother Nature has blessed us with lots of nature herbs and foods that contain the solution of every problem and treatment of every disease. When it comes to breast enlargement there are three vital herbs that can increase the production of Estrogen and Prolactin and make breasts grow naturally.

These three herbs for breast enlargement are:

Herb #1: Red Clover:

Clover is the number one herb for Breast Enlargement because it contains the characteristics of increasing two vital hormones for breast enlargement and that are Estrogen and Progestrogen.

It is difficult to find Red Clover in its raw form but you can easily found this herb in form of supplements that are available in the market. Red Clover comes in 400-500 mg capsules.

Herb #2: Saw Palmetto:

Another important herb for breast enlargement is Saw Palmetto. This herb is not for every woman. This herb is only for those women that produce high level of Estrogen in their body. Saw Palmetto cuts down the level of Estrogen to makes it balance with other hormones of the body.

Saw Palmetto comes in supplement form and contains 400-500 mg in every capsule. Over dose of Saw Palmetto causes side-effects such as adult acne and hairiness.

Herb #3: Fenugreek Seeds:

“Old is gold”. This saying goes to Fenugreek when it comes to breast enlargement. This herb is centuries-old herb and still used very commonly by women that want bigger and round breast.

Fenugreek contains fairly large amount of a chemical compound known as “Diosgenin” which increases the production of female hormone Estrogen.

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Best Way to Use These Herbs:

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In order to get maximum benefits from these herbs, it is important to apply these herbs directly on your breast. There are supplements available in the market that contains these herbs. But, Jenny Bolton in her Boost Your Bust explained how to create breast enlargement cream at home with the help of these herbs. If you want to read review of this program then visit here. By applying natural cream of all these vital herbs will make sure your breast gets proper ingredients that increase Estrogen production and make them grow bigger.

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How to Increase Breast Size Naturally in 2 Weeks / Enhance Breast Size at Home


Estrogen is very important hormone for breast enlargement but it is important to balance the production of this vital hormone for maximum results. There are many foods that contain ingredients which increase Estrogen production and with the help of herbs such as Red Cloves, the process of breast enlargement becomes easier.Here is the one of  típ about how to get bigger bust


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How to Increase Breast Size Naturally in 2 Weeks / Enhance Breast Size at Home


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