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How to lose weight fast: weight loss calculator with venus factor
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This system is only for women who need to correct stubborn body. You also find out Muscle and fitness: How to lose weight and build muscle fast for man

You can see my weight loss journey and Venus Factor transformation below.


Being overweight could be an incredible trouble and figuring out how to lose weight fasthow to make weight loss, how to lose belly fat, how to return to an ordinary and solid weight .... can have an enormous effect in your life. The results of overabundance weight include absence of vitality, loss of self esteem and confidence in your life. Shockingly there are numerous clashing and opposing methodologies to weight reduction taught out there and it can get confounding as to which approaches truly work. Today, modern life can make it simple to eat and drink more than we need and do a little bit physical action. The outcome is regularly weight pick up again and again. Extraordinary drastic diet and activity regimes that bring about quick weight reduction could be unrealistic to work for long, because it is difficult to sustain if there is no effective method. When you stop the regime, you're prone to come back to old propensities and recover weight. Let‘s examine a few simple questions before we get weight loss tips :
  • Are you having an enormous party in a few weeks?
  • Are you looking to induce into skinny garments that suit your properly?
  • Do you feel frustrated with a clumsy body?
  • Do you wish to possess attractive feminine figure?
  • Are you searching for the quickest way to lose weight?
  • Are you searching for a fat loss ways, which will keep tuned in to your health care, is price effective, fits your daily routine, and provides you with results, which will amaze you?
  • A magic product that may burn your fat help and facilitate to attain the right body that you just have continuously dreamed of?
….If you are facing one of the above questions, and weight loss is something that can frustrate any woman, they have to weigh the pros, and cons in several things, which become somehow troublesome continue reading to find out the best way to lose weight right now.

Nowadays, Sadly! There are many folks who are posting their review without analyze it and a few of them even not reading it once. Then you wonder what product is correct for you and guarantee safety just like their commitments??? If you are thinking that, your body goes out of form and you would like the highest feminine figure that you just once had then you need to provide 'Venus Factor'.

What is The Venus Factor System?

The Venus factor System is a revolutionary program discovered by John Barban - author of many bestseller programs to assist specifically for women get in attractive shape and the concept physique. You will have detected that it’s easier for women to realize weight and tougher for them to break down. Because of owing to an endocrine known as leptin, which is accountable for controlling the metabolism. Once folks go on diets, their leptin levels drop and their bodies get into starvation mode again. Unfortunately, for women, their leptin levels drop even a bit, they're frequently going into starvation mode. This is why the women always hit their weight-loss plateau before men. According to the author, so as for women to lose weight as quick as men they need to realize something called “metabolic override.” The resources of The Venus Factor System are backed up with scientific facts and analysis that focus on fat reduction based on how a female’s body functions and additionally to help you make that happen. Venus factor isn't the only body transformation program; there are many body transformation programs out there on the market.  However, the biggest drawback of these body transformation programs is: “they are either completely supported nutrition plan or workout plan and none of them concentrates on creating attractive female body”. However, The Venus factor is totally different from them because this program not only highlights attractive components of female body but also offers coaching to make them appear super engaging to most people.


Why Does John Barban write The Venus Factor System?

The main author of this system is John Barban, a well-known expert about fitness and nutrition with a lot of experience in nutrition, biology, and physiology. He has a Masters in Human Biology and all the standard certificates such as the NSCA, CSCS, ACE PT, CSEP, etc. He is also known for helping men reach what he calls the “perfect ratio”. Recently he also has been helping women to lose unwanted weights when he created this astonishing product. He also spent nearly a decade helping supplement companies develop weight loss formulas. In addition, he worked hard as strength and conditioning coach for several years and even trained with a professional power lifting team. He was doing some research on human metabolism when he found some surprising facts about leptin, which affects those women who want to lose some pounds. Part of his motivation to create the Venus Factor System was to help his sister, Lisa, who used to take all his advice and still could not lose weight as expected. This made John realize that because women’s bodies work differently (especially when it comes to leptin), they need a different advance to exercise and nutrition. Many people have succeeded with this laser-focused approach nowadays.

Before we continue, I will show you the five main facts about this product: 1. The Venus Factor Plan – An ebook explains everything you need to know about metabolism, nutrition science, calories, body measurements, and the 12-week metabolic override program. This helps in shaping and toning the muscles conflict training. Hence, one should know about the workout manual when going for Venus Factor. All the information is obtainable in the kit that makes workout more easy and effective. In this manual, John Barban explains the concept of the Venus index ratio and making a decision if you wish to lose or gain weight. Venus Index helps in creating proper feminine shape with three ratios: Height-to-Waist Ratio, Waist-to-Hip Ratio, Waist-to-Shoulder Ratio. The program aims to help you become the best version of yourself and not to strive to conform to an unrealistic ideal body type. However, to keep the Venus index ratio, you will have to carry out the strength workouts that are contained in the exercise manuals. 2. The 3 months Workout System – This system shows you exactly how to work out. After you determine your Venus index, you can make use of this guide to achieve your goals, as far as fat loss is concerned. Do not expect anything fancy. The Venus factor is generally a fitness program that runs for 12 weeks and is divided into three phases. Every phases is four weeks long. In the course, you can be provided plans regarding exercise to execute. You can have an easy access to the overview of the entire regime such as videos, explanations with photographs allowing you to carry out effective and accurate workouts. The particular information features direct inbound links to online video for quick reference. This system is nice for women who need to correct stubborn body. Of course, this program could be used at the end of your transformation, if you've got any stubborn fat left. It is easy ways to lose weight! 3. The Venus Nutritionist – When you fill your age, weight, and measurements into this program; it shows you your ideal measurements and tells you how many calories and grams of protein to consume each day in order to reach your goals of the fat loss. You don't need to care about: fast diet, protein diet, low fat diet, best diet, healthy diet, calories to lose weight, healthy diet plans, weight loss plans, ways to lose weight fast, diet foods.... because the system does all for youThis eating plan will certainly let you know about the right eating formula for your particular requirements and the amount of calories needed as per your height, weight, with measurements. 4. The Venus Community - Special forum where only members share helpful tips and personal experiences, and answer each other’s questions. What makes Venus community extremely powerful is, you get to interact with 1000+ of other women who went through this course and have had great success. You can request questions, have chitchat, and make companionship with other like-minded women who have transformed their fat body into fit body. Probably the best thing enables you to slim down in usual problem zones, which are the chest, waist, belly, thighs, and hips... There is not anything better for you than losing flabby muscle and being able to shape their body at the same time. The endless inspiration and motivation is truly important. You will never feel alone when you are in the Venus Community! 5. The Venus Index Podcast – Listen to the victorious weight loss stories of other members.  This program holds revolution contests every year and posts the interviews of all the winners.  You are capable of studying how they used this fitness program to achieve their weight loss goals. As everything has some pros and cons, so Venus Factor has too. The advantages and the disadvantages of the Venus Factor allow me to analyze properly and carry out the work out or not.


 How It Works

Venus Transformation Contest Entry Tutorial  See Exactly How It Works

Venus factor advantages:

  • The diversified information – you know very little to understand about weight loss, dieting, and fitness, don't worry about that. This is an excellent book. It comes with plenty of knowledge that explains all of the necessary components of obtaining fit, including the BMR, calories in food, meal planning…. It breaks down in a method that’s pretty easy to know. Further, John Barban-user’s clear and concise examples, which is great for all newbie who begin to lose weight. It will easily lead you from suffering of unwanted fat and bad body shape to a new figure that you will always be proud of for the rest of your healthy life.
  • Flexible nutrition - the app makes planning your meals supremely simple. You can find out what your ideal measurements, total calorie, the number of weight you can lose, the quantity of weight you are losing, and your estimated protein just in seconds. As this program provides nutrition and exercise plan based on body measurement ratios. That is answered to your doubt "why every woman can get benefit from it without any problem with Venus Factor” clearly. This program provide good-looking feminine body figure, not about losing weight or building muscle instead, simplely it is about toning muscles and making body attractive.
  • The delicious recipes – so many different meal plans complete with calorie and nutritional information in one book. Yes, it’s true! You can pick and choose from the various meals in the book, and it immediately gives you the list of ingredients rather than the recipe you are following. You will not worry and count calories no more, and follow restricted diets with pre-packaged foods; instead, you will eat what you love and drop weight at the same time! B/c The Venus Factor shows you how to eat your favorite food in such a way that you won’t have to look at the label for the fat content every time you buy something that you fancy. This makes it easy for you to add or subtract ingredients however you want. For this part alone, I’m pleasure to pay $100+.
  • Customer service: John Barban provides high quality customer service with Venus Community and response to any query within 24-36 hours. Venus Factor will give you tips on how you can eat your favorite meals while shaping up your body.
  • Affordable price with Refund Policy: Cost does come into the equation and it should be noted that for the program itself it is not over priced and gives you value for money. For anyone who is willing to try it out, the writer has offered a complete 60 days for money back assurance. It will apply to any customer who is not 100% impressed with changing her body. With a straightforward email sent directly to him, he will supply a no-questions-asked refund.
  • Requiring extra stuff or any special equipment is no need. You don’t necessarily have to get a gym card for this or shop for any extra equipment. You will be able to do all your exercises at gym or at home with no problems.
  • The best thing you can see about Venus Factor by John Barban is focusing on slimming down fat in your usual problem zones, which are your belly, thighs, waist and hips; you will lose weight, and burn fat in the right zones, which will help you to reshape your body in the right way.

Venus Factor disadvantages:

  • As with any fitness program, it’s difficult to trust effective methods, if there’s no proof backing up the claims. The Venus Factor claims to be able to shape the body. Where’s the proof to back it up??? There are studies cited at the end do provide some reliability, but no way for readers to do research for themselves. However, making up for deficiencies, there are 30 to 40 real testimonials recorded by those who have used and achieved good results. So much, I think no need to put it in. It interrupted the flow of the content, and made it hard to concentrate on the main information.
  • Design e-book: Reading the book was a lot of a chore more than I expect. The content was interesting, but the layout was poor challenging because the text was broken up by testimonials in few pages. The pictures made for a nice break, but generally, the layout actually detracted from the content. The information was complete, but it wasn’t easy to follow along because it jumped from one topic to another without any real breaks. I think that they didn’t close a subject before moving on.
  • Venus factor is only diets​ for women who really want to lose weight, reshape their bodies, and keep that change for lifetime. It has nothing to execute with men, so if you are a man just leave because it will not help you, it is useless to try.
  • The number of women is looking for quick ways to lose weight or decrease weight instantly without campaigning like someone who prefers functional foods.  I sure it can be effective but not safe! The main problem that many people  face when they try to start a diet plan is low level of enthusiasm or a little weight loss motivation, if you want to succeed with Venus factor or any other program you must stick to the plan with 100%+ serious efforts. Remember that “NO PAIN - NO GAIN” so if you find the fastest way to reshape the body and get sexy figure or whatever then Venus Factor is not for you.

The Venus Factor Scam?

Does it look like a fraud? Some of you might think whether this program is legit or just another fraud like what’s out there. You should think again after read the facts about this program. The working of Venus Factor is simple but helpful. In the process, the switch of metabolism and the fat burning is on by using the strategies of the Venus Factor, well proven and influence many women around the globe.  It was born when John Barban was doing some research on female dietary supplement; he found a fact that the most common and biggest problem for women to lose some pounds was the level of leptin in their bodies. If you are still skeptical, let's review the above information and see the whole video with testimonials. You will recognize some things: First, it’s based on science. Second, the science is proven – both in theory and performs. Third, the Venus Factor is the best way to lose weight because it is adaptable to every woman who tries seriously. Fourth, it’s based on commonsense. That's all you need.


I also give this video that you may find it helpful. I think you will want to know the quickest way to lose weight, weight loss success stories, or how to lose 10 pounds, how to lose 20 pounds from older users of The Venus Factor Program: click here to follow true stories now! 


To sum it all up, I conclude my review by saying if you want to get perfect body shape then you must try Venus Factor. The Venus Factor is a program that shows how to control the leptin levels in our body system to start burning the stubborn fat that I all want to get rid of. For you who want a diet and workout plan that is explained step-by-step, there are many women have used this program and get effective results on their health with the help of this program. I recommend the Venus Factor is the right program for you b/c it really is worth the paid money and helps you save time to get your GOALS.  


You also find out Muscle and fitness: How to lose weight and build muscle fast for man!!!

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