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How To Lose Weight Fast For Women | The Venus Factor Diet
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How can I lose weight 10 pounds in one week with apple cider vinegar? Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss is not a new trend nowadays, though it is gaining popularity like a fad. There are many different ways you can lose weight such as weight loss diet, exercise fitness, yoga, playing sports ....

How To Lose Weight Fast,Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes  

Here my myths. 

Like the exercise tab for lose weight fast, the diet one has remained empty for a few months now, but the true that I can not help thinking about can not help thinking weight and how to lose it fast, how to have positive thoughts to work with body fatness....the problem is I never really do anything about it other than exercise like a mad woman. I just love my food too much, like watching TV for hours, like drawing with melodious songs. That is my favorite life.

According to one of best gym instructors on some forums that I've found the perfect body is 60% food and only 40% exercise. It means that you should eat 03 healthy meals a day and everything in moderation but that doesn't work with me. Why not me? Because I love to gorge, booze and eat naughty things that I saw while working even at home; sometimes many times throughout the day! Day by day, things got ugly. O.M.G! I continue to gain weight.How To Lose Weight Fast, Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes

Over the next three years I gained 54 pounds and was not cheerful about it. Why I hate this? Because I have a wardrobe full of clothes that I haven't been able to wear; Swear to god. This includes a great pair of corduroy  pants that I bought in the exciting trip from the U.K. Most significantly, I didn't feel right. I knew I had to make a change before it's too late.

Then I made the decision to get control of my weight once and forever, so I could believe and look great. I started working out every day and adjusted my nutrition, again. First week like a torture for me. Daily living life changing fast. but the end result made me cry so happy. Within four weeks, I released 23 pounds and have been able to wear a few items of clothing that I haven't worn in three years. I still have 32 pounds to lose, but I'd like to share with you how I lost 23 pounds and kept it off thus far.

How To Lose Weight Fast, Apple Cider Vinegar RecipesI'm not sure this diet will be effective for all, (but I'm successful) and it should probably come with a health warning as you are able to lose a lot of weight very quickly!

Becky did a full week and lost 13 pounds in 7 days, one of my bff's has done it this week and lost 6 pounds in three days. It was amazing! And I did a few days once and lost 5 pounds in 3 days. Incredible dieting at it's best!!!

It is obviously not a long term answer and you are more than likely to gain some of the weight back, btw but it is the perfect solution if you want to lose weight fast in a short time. I like to do so to be able to drop some dress sizes if I have a special event or holiday coming up and I want to look as thin as possible or if I am trying to shrink my appetite.

Anyway this diet was designed to help people crash lose a stone for operations in just a week (adjusted by me):

You can watch your weight gain here: Important Indicators To Track Weight Loss

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 One slice dry toast

with one grilled tomato OR tinned tomatoes
Fresh fruit - any amount

Bragg ACV
Two hard boiled eggs
Salad & grapefruit
2 Grapefruit

One boiled egg
Grilled chicken with tomatoes

Grilled steak

3 Grapefruit

One boiled egg
Fresh fruit - any amount

Bragg ACV
Two grilled lamb chops

Salad & grapefruit
4 One slice dry toast Fresh fruit - any amount

Virgin Coconut Oil
Two hard boiled eggs

Salad & grapefruit
5 One slice dry toast Fresh fruit - any amount

Raw Honey
Fresh fish

6 One glass grapefruit juice Fresh fruit - any amount

Organic Cacao
Grilled chicken

Carrots & grapefruit
7 Scrambled eggs

Grilled or tinned tomatoes
Two poached eggs

Grilled steak


***You can see some picture of meal, I made myself while following the best diet plan I found.


How To Lose Weight Fast, Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes

***Their rules:

  • Rule one: No alcoholic drinks
  • Rule two: No eating between meals
  • Rule three: No milk, butter or fats
  • Rule four: Guaranteed to lose one stone in one week
  • Rule five: Only diet for one week in three - two weeks off
  • Rule six: No salt as it makes you retain water, pepper is okey.
  • Rule seven: Lunch and dinner may be swapped but only on the same day
  • Rule eight: Abstain from all not included in diet. Eat what is shown or go without
  • Rule nine: Permitted drinks: black coffee, tea, lemon/grapefruit juice without sugar
  • Rule ten: No substitutes allowed. The basis of the diet is chemical, not the quantities

How To Lose Weight Fast , Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes 
How To Lose Weight Fast, Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes

If you haven’t heard of this program, I suggest you discuss with us about VENUS FACTOR.

My Weight Loss Success Tips

Try all that’s available on this topic and use what is relevant to you and your new lifestyle. What you need will change as you progress with your journey.

I am now maintaining and my needs have changed but my roots are still in the same place.

  • Exercise every day (nothing less than) control calories to lose weight fast.
  • Use the Venus Index Forums.
  • Try new weight loss recipes like me and members by Venus Factor Index Caculator.
  • Ask for advice and take on board what is said
  • Log every day – be honest – you are only lying to yourself.

Enjoy your new regime and keep focused but if you have a bad day, get back on board the next day and keep going. You can watch your weight gain here: Important Indicators To Track Weight Loss


In a short time, you can apply a special diet to lose weight quickly. However this is only a temporary plan, with a reasonable diet will reduce the amount of water stored in adipose tissue.It is not permanent fat loss methods.

In the long term, you have to change the habits of daily living like me and members of Venus Index Forums.

I was losing weight as expected. But that does not seem to decrease again. Slightly disappointed.
I know physical activity is important for weight loss. But I work from 6 am to 17 pm and take care of my children (one 7 yrs, one 9 yrs and baby 2 yrs) at night. I have no free time for myself. I plan to go to the fitness center for advice some exercises to lose weight in the weekend. Several prestigious centers offer a high price, $100-200/ hour, I think it wasted to spend so much money for that.

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