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Introduction to Joey Atlas
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Introduction to Joey Atlas.

Atlas is not a new name in the world of health and fitness and he is widely known because of developing a cellulite removal program known as “Truth About Cellulite” which soon became especially popular. The other reason of Joey’s popularity is that he is also known as women’s body enhancement specialist and fitness trainer ask “The Women’s Trainer”.
Joey’s approach to treat cellulite has been greatly appreciated by a large number of people who suffered by this condition, sometime in their lives and successfully removed it only because of the ideas given by Joey Atlas.


Man with Passion to Help People.

If you look at the list of fitness trainers and body enhancement specialist, you will find a number of big names but there are only a few who really don’t care about being famous and Joey Atlas is just one of them. He is the man who does not think about the ways to enhance the level of his popularity in public but he actually works to help people with their sufferings.

Educational Background.

To understand someone’s abilities and skills, it is really imperative to consider the education background. Let’s take a look at the educational background of Joey Atlas which will give you an idea to understand him in a better way.

  • 1992 – Bachelors degree in Exercise Science
  • Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology


After the education, the second essential  factor is practical experience which off course makes someone really learned person. As far as Joey’s understanding is concerned, he has had a huge experience which has covered more or less 30 years in the field of weight loss as well as fitness.


Writing Skills:

Though Joey Atlas has already got so much popularity because of his unique training method, his writing skills made him more popular and those who could not access him, discovered about him through his book which he wrote about cellulite and its removal.
He did not limit himself to just one book but keeps writing for other sources from where people can be benefited such as blogs, forums,  article directories, and magazines. Club Life is the popular Magazine where he often shares his findings.

Professional Life:

Though the period that covers Joey’s experience is quite wide as he has had helped people for more or less 13 years; it was 1999 when he developed a complete system to make his findings reachable to for everyone. He also launched a fitness training center when he shifted to Ponte Vedra Beach.



An Overweighed Child to an Expert Fitness Trainer:

Once Joey revealed that he used to be an overweighed child in his childhood and because of the bulky body, he had to pay attention to the bad names given by his cousins, friends and classmates. Well, the bad names called by the other children paved the way for Joey to become an example for others to follow and now he is known as one of the most famous fitness trainers in the world.


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