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One man's journey into the veiled world of penis enlargement
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How does one manage to entertain thoughts of PE? I can hardly think of a single man I know, that would state passively that he would mind having a larger penis. Yet the idea is so fantastic that many are turned off to the idea it could possibly work. Then, of course, there's pride involved, stopping many from taking the path towards it. The overall goal of this oration is to communicate accurately the background information not necessarily readily or conveniently available to all beginners to PE. The premise is my own affiliation with it.

The discovery of penis enlargement.

Whereas I would have always loved to have a larger penis, I certainly never actually entertained the idea that it could be conventionally possible. I definitely never entertained thoughts of surgery, yet I had seen the ads. Although not small by any imagination, my own instrument was not necessarily noteworthy either. About as average as possible, it seemed, and I was quite content with that. 
As I was surfing the internet, most likely looking for porn, I somehow happened across a website offering a way to increase my penis size for free. I of course, was skeptical; and continued browsing otherwise. However, later that week I happened to think of it, and went back to investigate their claim. 
I read through the introduction to the site, and laughed, thinking to myself how it was relayed so absurdly, and how it must definitely target those with little hope or small minds. Small minded as I was, I continued reading. Although the initial pitch was certainly not a strong enough argument, the supporting information generated by the people involved with the website was moving. How or why would anyone go to such lengths to fool anybody? And on the other side, how could it hurt to try? I didn't have to pay anybody to get the information, and was not obligated to perform any service or give anything in exchange. Why not?



The method of penis enlargement.

If you are reading this, you have most likely already read some information concerning the exercises to be performed, and how they allegedly work. This section addresses what I have observed to be the most commonly asked questions. Some of the best information I have read as it relates to performing PE is as follows:

Don't rush it: People that are involved with PE get pretty wrapped up in the idea that it can give instant gratification when applied properly. It is critical that you perform the exercises without any stress of it happening overnight. Perseverance is critical, but don't fret if you don't experience instant gains. (Btw: I would say without pause that the most commonly asked question everywhere I have been is: "How long until I am X inches from where I am at?" This is certainly not an exact science, and different people seem to respond differently to different techniques. Your interest must be in the overall result, not how fast you can get there.) 
Don't strain it: Apparently there is a tendency to overexert the organ. (Myself a victim of this.) Too much pressure, too many reps, etc. If it doesn't feel right, it's not. Granted, it shouldn't exactly feel pleasurable, yet anything approaching pain or discomfort is too much. Much of the advice given by people that practice PE is generally recent, and does not seem to take into account that the newer practitioners need to approach PE slowly. 
Attitude is critical: The mental approach to PE is as important as the physical. You must keep a positive outlook throughout the process. If you miss a day, or three; It cannot be significant enough to bring your outlook down. Stop worrying about how long it will take you to reach a certain size, just continue with the exercises. 
Frequency: Well, after much debate I think the final word is that every day is simply too much. The overall consensus is that you practice it every other day. In reality there cannot be that much difference between 5 on 2 off and 4 on 3 off. Also: Too much frequency also tends to violate the "Don't strain it." Rule. 
Palm up or palm down:  Although palm down seems to be the prevalent argument, I cannot imagine that it really makes any difference, provided you are doing it correctly. (Keep in mind that as we begin PE, we are usually somehow doing it wrong; Your preference will come with experience. I think, perhaps, that different rules apply to different people; In the end, you need to find your own best method.) I myself have found some peace to this topic, I use palm down with my right hand, and palm up with my left. 
Measurements: Out of all the information and testimonials that I have read, all start with an initial measuring. Now there are a few sites out there discussing how to accurately measure penis size, but in the end, I say this is irrelevant. Consistency with measuring is the key. However you measure in the beginning, must be how you continue to measure. I will say that I have not measured once after I began, but I will go more into that later. 
Length or Girth, Straight or Bent? Jelqing will increase both length and girth, but without following the exercises properly, it will only strain the organ. The warm up and warm down are essential; And concerning those I recommend you switch your shower to a bath instead. If you have need to do your exercises in private, no one questions why you are in the bath a little longer (They feel so good.) and will keep a consistent amount of warmth around your organ. Don't worry half as much as how many reps you do, just set a time limit, and be sure your reps are worth the effort. (Quick reps with no care will not produce results as well.) By establishing a time limit, you can defeat the mentality of needing to overstraining your penis, and also maintain a consistent amount of reps. (Again, this will be more noticeable as you refine your method.) It has been said that jelqing will also correct a bend. I have yet to see that, but there seem to be some minor corrections supporting that theory. 



Exercising the PC muscle: Universally agreed upon, this is the most significant of the exercises. On one hand, they will help with your duration and also with the level of rigidity you can achieve, which will help alleviate the need to see size improvement quicker; On the other hand; There is no other hand. This exercise has no negatives, whether you consult the internet or your doctor. 

But the doctor said; 

The only way to truly dispute what one person says as opposed to the other is simply to try it out. I have come across an article actually saying that by performing PE on themselves caused them to damage their penis irrevocably. I guess they didn't have the benefit of seeing the "Don't strain it" rule, because although you might temporarily cause yourself some problems, you can easily rectify this by giving yourself a little time off and time to heal. Harder said than done, because although interest in the subject varies, I think in the end we all tend to get a little fanatical about it. And not that this necessarily means anything, but it sure seems like the amount of people that swear it works greatly outweighs the few that say it doesn't. 
Devices, methods, pills: Well, it seems to me that anyone that doesn't actually sell a pump agrees they do not work; Anyone who is not a doctor agrees surgery is not a good road to travel. Pills seem to have split reviews, although it has been my experience that most agreed that pills combined with PE produce a greater result more quickly.

The necessity of size: The importance of size is generally a mental one. Some people are truly lacking, and size could make all the difference physically. However, in reality your approach to sex is the critical factor. A little increase in size seems to have a dramatic effect in one's approach to sex . It may be just what the doctor ordered as far as confidence is concerned, and women all over will agree that confidence is very persuasive to their enjoyment.

A few other tidbits: Earlier I said that I have only measured once, this is true. When I hit one year of using PE, I will measure again. Just as in weight loss it is very self defeating to weigh yourself constantly for results, I felt the same of PE. My belief in the exercises could only be substantiated by someone else. This happened to me a few weeks ago. Early in my relationship with my girlfriend, I told her my penis was average. (True.) We have been seeing each other now for about 7 months. I started the exercises 3 months ago. Revelation came when a few weeks ago, she felt she had to correct me and tell me I was very well endowed. I smiled. She has yet to accuse me of doing anything extracurricular to increase the size, which will be my second piece of criteria for belief; Yet I am hardly disappointed at the news! 

Also: I have read that the Amino Acid L-Arginine will increase the amount of ejaculation you extend. I have been taking it for 2 months now, and I would have to enthusiastically agree to that article. 
I don't think someone can lead someone else to PE, if only for the lack of belief and pride issues that will hinder them. Those that come searching, and can suspend their disbelief will have found a treasure. But remember: A larger penis will not improve your ability to seduce women. It might help you to please the ones you have already seduced, but you must refine your personality and habits if you are going to share your new penis with new women.

In conclusion.

Hopefully, you got something out of this article. Hopefully I have saved you from pouring over hours worth of PE conversations by getting you a quick cut to some of the information I have discovered. Hopefully, you might feel encouraged to add to the topic as you discover it, if only to save me from a thousand more hours of reading and researching.

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By Elinion

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