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One of these surgical procedures for your hemorroid removal
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*Harmonic Scalpel Treatments: This type of hemorroid removal uses a special scalpel that operates with ultra-sound waves. The scalpel is used to remove the hemorroid and the blood vessels are automatically cauterized. That is considered to be an almost bloodless procedure and is typically recommended for large hemorroids or for those that are very painful

*Laser Therapy: This is very similar to harmonic scalpel treatments, but in that case, an actual laser beam will be targeted on the hemorroid. That type of hemorroids removal is growing in popularity, and is quite successful. The laser automatically cauterizes the area, and the nerves will be sealed off as well. Thát technique may be accompanied by a bit less pain than the typical surgical hemorroidectomy

*Stapled Hemorroidectomy(PPH): This technique utilizes a special stapling device that cuts through the involved vessels, and staples the tissue back together again. Also This is associated with a bit less pain than a conventional hemorroidectomy, and is becoming more popular with many surgeons

*Excising: An actual surgical removal of a hemorroid may be necessary. The hemorroid is cut away and the blood vessels are tied off. This procedure is a bit more painful than other types of hemorroid removal and the recovery time may be longer. On the other hand, it is very effective



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