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Perform at home that may keep your hemorroid from getting worse
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*Regular Sitz bath that treatment for hemorroids requires you to take regular warm bath and soaking your anus with warm water several times a day
*Putting an ice bag on the rectal area to help relieve swelling and chronic soreness. Other uses cold compress especially with witch hazel or wet tea bags as your treatment for hemorroids.
*Only pat to dry your rectal area. Don’t wipe excessively. Patting with moist toilet pads or baby wipes after bowel movement will help you as your treatment for hemorroid. Don’t scratch because this will worsen your hemorroid condition
*Clean your rectal area regularly, applying hemorroids cream that include hydrocortisone or numbing ointment to relieve you from pain, itching and swelling as your treatment for hemorroids. But don’t  use anti-itching hemorrhoids cream with anesthetic because it might often cause further anal irritation.
*Most people also use bulk fiber supplements daily to prevent recurrences of their hemorroids. However bulk fiber may take several days to work so if you have existing hemorroid and you are already suffering from constipation, you can use an immediate- acting stool softener and laxative as treatment for hemorroids to encourage fast elimination without straining and further aggravating your hemorroids.
*You can try donut pillow that will take off direct pressure from the anus avoiding your hemorroid to be pressed
*Use of laxative. You may use this during your treatment for hemorroid because this can add softness of your hard stool thus you can avoid straining during your bowel movement
*Increase fiber in your diet: Adding fiber in your everyday meal will help soften hard stool and helps the body produce soft, regular bowel movements thus alleviate hemorroid pain therefore reduces pain while defecating while having your hemmrroid treatment.
*Take lots of liquids in your daily diet. As much as possible take a minimum of 7 to 10 glasses of water a day. If any one is having bowel disorders this can lead to hemorroids. Owing to this many prominent people and physicians stress the importance of taking much water for rapid recovery as one your treatment for hemorroid
*Losing weight and being more active will provide treatment for hemorroid treatment. Decrease your salt intake as much as possible
*Be gentle while cleaning and do not scratch if you feel itch. It is advisable for you to use moist pads or baby wipes while having your hemorroid treatment
*Wear loose cotton underwear to prevent moisture buildup that can irritate hemorroid.
*Try not to sit or stand for a long period time when hemorroids are irritated or try to sit with pillow if you cannot have short breaks to stand. Moreover, avoid lifting heavy objects while your doing your treatment for hemorroid treatment



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