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The 5 steps to SAFE natural penis enlargement!
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This article is by the well respected penis enlargement fanatic - Boner Man.

I think that a lot of people, who start to look at natural penis enlargement, ask themselves two questions. First, they ask "Will this work for me?" Then they ask "Is it safe for me?"

The big thing I plan on answering with this article is the: "Is this safe for me?" question.

Natural Penis Enlargement is safe! That is, if you DO IT CORRECTLY! 

Now, when I say, "as long as you do it correctly", I mean that you take the proper steps and precautions to keep yourself and your penis safe and healthy.

Step 1. - Read from reputable sources such as this site

The first thing that you can do…is to read all you can on PE'ing before you start. This will ensure that you know what's going to be happening when you start, as well as give you the knowledge about how to do the exercises correctly and to find out which ones will work the best for you

This step is pretty general though…and I think that anyone who looks into buying a guide or any other site containing 'exercises' READS about it first, and doesn't just dive right in. They aren't stupid; like I was…

I went right into PE without reading a quality guide, just a collection of free exercises I found on some site.

Without looking at the proper way to do the techniques and exercises.

And unfortunately, for 2 months I just killed my penis and hindered myself. Because I didn't do the important first step… READ and gain knowledge about it natural penis enlargement from a reputable source.

Step 2. Warming up is extremely important, never skip this part!

Secondly (and not so general), Hot Wraps! (if you don't know what I'm talking about get a natural guide first, like the free one from here or the best natural guide on the net

At first, I myself found hotwraps to be very time consuming and boring. 


And I hope that everyone knows that. You aren't supposed to do them just to sit there with a hot towel wrapped around your penis and relax, or with a washcloth under a faucet (like me)…they are supposed to be done to KEEP YOUR PENIS SAFE! And they greatly reduce that chance that you will do something stupid and injure yourself. 

The warm water (or just heat) will cause the tissues in the penis to relax, as well as increase blood circulation to the penis and testicles. Having the tissues loose and well relaxed is important!

For example…which elastic band would stretch farther: One that's never been stretched before?


One that has been stretched and 'worked' (loosened up) over a long period of time?

It's the stretched one! 

Just because its not so tight (if that makes sense).

Another good thing about hot wraps is the increase of blood flowing to the penis. This is important because it will allow you to get better 'usage' out of the exercises you use.

More blood flow = better health, AND less risk of injury. ALWAYS DO HOT WRAPS!

Never skip them because they are 'boring'! Another thing, hot wraps can make your penis look larger right away. They can even be done on days off for added healing effect.

Step 3. Less really is much more!

This next point may sound repetitive, but I think it's CRUCIAL that people know about the LESS IS MORE philosophy, and about over training. 

This is a HUGE part to keeping safe, and your penis healthy. If you go into PE (even if you've read up on it) and think that you can do 30-minute Jelq sessions right away, you're in trouble and you're putting yourself in a position to get hurt.

The same thing applies to stretching. If you go into PE thinking that you can stretch your penis to 9" overnight by hanging weights from it for hours on end…then again, you're in trouble.

Step 4. Start slowly

This brings me to the fourth step to safe Penis Enlargement, starting slow! 

Don't rush into PE, its something that takes time and cant be accomplished in just days. Too many people don't start slow, and wonder why there are no gains.

Step 5. Use common sense and heed the pain

Using common sense! This could be a big one. When it comes to PE, don't be stupid, because if you are, you're at a greater risk for hurting yourself than ever! (When I say this I mean…Jelqing for an hour! Hanging 20 pounds! Tying dental floss around your penis and slamming the door…I don't know anything that's just stupid!).

So all in all, Penis Enlargement is totally safe! If you do it correctly, and this can be accomplished in 5 steps:

  1. Step One- Educate yourself about PE! With exercises (and how to do them properly), and ANYTHING that has to do with PE! (Mostly Over training and the LESS IS MORE philosophy). 
  2. Step Two- ALWAYS DO HOT WRAPS! 
  3. Step Three- Start slowly. DON'T RUSH INTO IT! 
  4. Step Four- Use your common sense! Don't put yourself in a position that you could be hurt, by not thinking! (Over training as well). 
  5. Step Five- Heed the PAIN! If it starts to hurt, stop. If it's sore, give it another day of rest.

And that's it… Those are my five steps to safe Penis Enlargement.

Note from Dean: So you know how to be 100% safe while PE'ing... You can download penis enlargement guide by clicking here or take a look at my penis enlargement reviews here: How to make your dick bigger is easy EVER NOW!!!. You can start pe'ing today!


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