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The Amazing Hidden Muscle Building Secrets
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Everyone is different from other and dreams are also different. But, one dream that is similar for every man is RIPPED Abs body. Nearly every man wants to build ripped abs and go shirtless on beach to grab huge attention from hot girls. When it comes to muscle building there are lots of misconception available on the internet and many men are forced to used injections and pills for increasing their muscles strength. We all know it is not that easy to build muscles as these muscle building supplements manufacturer claims.

Fitness experts always say “Muscles build in Kitchen” but unfortunately due to shiny advertisements of ‘miracle’ supplements and ‘cutting edge’ muscle building workout, we are forgetting the foundation of muscle building and running after gimmick that are created only for building cash instead of muscles.



One very important thing you have to remember is that for building strong and ripped muscles you have to get lean and keep yourself lean as well. This is because it is easy for muscles to grow when you are lean and your body has better insulin sensitivity. That means the extra calories you consume will use in building muscles. In this post I am going to revealed the Amazing Hidden Muscle Building Secrets that I myseft noticed from Somanabolic Muscle MaximizerOk let’s start:

Low Testosterone Level slows muscle development: For all those people who don’t know testosterone is the male hormone. It is being called “Male hormone” because it found in higher amount in male body as compare to female. Testosterone hormone is also responsible for development of muscles, burning fat and keeping body in proper shape.

Testosterone hormone is found in female body as well but it found in very lower amount. This is why females have less body muscles and have higher amount of fat deposit in their body.

Now the problem is these days both males and females have lower amount of Testosterone level in their body as compare to males and females that lived fifty to hundreds years ago. Lower amount of Testosterone means body has less ability to build muscles and burn fat. That’s why males and females have to work harder for burning fat.

There is no problem in increasing Testosterone with the help of supplements. Inside Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer program, Kyle Leon shared supplements that he used himself to increase Testosterone in his body. But the good news for you is that you can fix this problem and increase Testosterone level with these simple steps:

  • Eat organic and raw foods and nuts
  • Avoid all kind of processed foods.
  • Include more saturated fats in their diet
  • Perform High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 3-6 times a week
  • Get Vitamins D directly from the sun rays
  • Minimize stress and get at least 8-9 hours of sleep

High Estrogen Level reduces gastrointestinal absorption: Estrogen is the popularly known as female hormone because it is responsible for increase fat around hips and chest. Any man that wants to build muscles and lose weight must have to tame their estrogen level as much as possible.

But the problem is now these days, males and females both have higher amount of estrogen in their body due to environmental factors and low quality foods. If you want to burn fat and build muscles then you have to keep estrogen level low. Here are some steps that able you to fix this problem

  • Only eat organic, grass fed meat and wild caught fish. Farm raised meat and fishes contain numerous estrogenic compounds that increase estrogen level inside the body.
  • Avoid drinking beer
  • Keep your liver clean from toxic foods as much as possible. All estrogenic compounds have to pass through your liver and if your liver is stressed then it increases estrogen level in your body and fat starts storing in your body.



High Cortisol Level - popularly known as stress hormone cause a myriad of disorders including: thyroid and metabolic dysfunction, cognitive decline, low serotonin levels resulting in depression, irritability, anxiety, carb cravings, immune suppression, altered glucose metabolism, elevated lipid levels, increased blood pressure, low melatonin levels resulting in altered sleep patterns, musculoskeletal issues resulting in difficulty recovering from exercise and possible subsequent injuries. Here are some steps to fix this problem:

  • Keep stress level lower. I know it is difficult now these days. Getting full body massage at weekend is one of the best techniques to release stress from your body.
  • Limit the amount of workout to 30-45 minutes
  • Get at least 8-9 hours sleep
  • Lower the amount of alcohol drinks.

Poor Insulin Sensitivity Level increases unnecessary fat: Poor Insulin sensitivity level is very common in this world and the chief culprit for this problem is late night snacks and poor lifestyle. When level is insulin sensitivity is not normal then body has very little ability to burn carbs. As a results, body gains fat.

Carbs are very important macro-nutrient for muscle building without which muscle building is impossible that’s why if you want to build muscle by burning fat in your body you have to improve insulin sensitivity level.

Fortunately, here are some steps that able you to improve your insulin level and promote your body towards fat loss:

  1. Try to keep your body lean as much as possible and keep your body-fat minimum as much as possible. For males it is recommend keeping body-fat at 15% and for girls it is 22%.
  2. Reduce the amount of carbs in your diet. This will avoid the insulin production and able your body to get back into normal level.
  3. Provide 80-90% carbs in post workout meal

Eat Fat to Burn Fat: There are three macronutrients for muscle building and that are protein, fiber and fat. Protein and Fiber get huge support from muscle building community but unfortunately over 40 years ago, American Heart Association completed a research on heart diseases in which they found fats as the main culprit. Since then, American Heart Association started their anti-fat campaign and people start ignoring this vital nutrient for muscle building.

Later it is proved that not all fats are unhealthy. Different research and studies proved that if fat is used in correct amount then it is also vital for building lean muscles and provide equal amount of benefits as protein does. In 2011 many research done on fat and they proved healthy fat provide energy for workout and create environment which boost the muscle growth.

Now, the main questions rises is that, what are the best source for obtaining healthy fat.

The best source for healthy fats is healthy food and unfortunately, our society is based on processed food which extract all the benefits of healthy fats and only contain fat that give bulging belly fat. By making smart choices you can find some of the best sources of healthy fats such as wild fish, grass-fed meat, DHA enriched eggs, fresh green vegetables, Almond butter and Flaxseed oil.



Take Protein BEFORE Workout: Many people avoid eating food before their workout session. In muscle building community, eating before the workout is most underrated technique but recently many studies highlight the importance of protein before the workout. Hitting GYM with empty stomach not only reduce your performance in GYM but also create situation called “Overtraining” where muscle stops growing and muscle-strength start decreasing.

There are two states of your body that are Anabolism and Catabolism. First is, Fed state which is also called “Anabolism” in which body is in fed state. The ‘Fed’ state is where we have to be before hitting the GYM, during the workout session and after the strength building exercise. On other hand “Fasted” state which known as “Catabolism”. After you don’t eat for a while, body starts converting into catabolism state which is best opportunity for burning fat. But during fasted state much of the body energy is being used in burning fat. Catabolism is best when you are not working out but due you lack of energy this is not the best state for workout session. But that does not mean you can consume big-bag Zinger on your way to GYM. Every food does not work. It is protein that provides enough energy to your body and push muscle to grow bigger.

Quality Protein is better than Quantity Protein: In you visit any muscle building forum you read one very common question that is “How much Protein should I consume?”  Many fitness experts agree that 0.8g per kilogram is best way to go. However, many fitness experts considered that “animal” protein is the ‘complete’ protein and body builders should consider getting protein from animal meat.

When making selection about meat there are two kinds of meats. One is grass-fed meat which comes from cattle that grown on grass which is natural food for animals. And second is grain-fed meat that comes from cattle grown by using grain.

Recent studies proved that grain creates many digestion problems in human body as well as animal body. Animals that grown on grain are often remain infected throughout their life that is why their meat lacks in healthy benefits of protein.


If you want to build ripped abs, it is very important to improve your diet because it is the foundation of muscle building. If your foundation is weak you are not growing to build muscles that you always desired. So one is very important thing that I want to tell you is that everyone is different and it is impossible for one diet plan to work for everyone that is why I recommend Kyle Leon’s Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer in which everyone can design muscle building plan based on his requirements.


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