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The Amazing John Barban's Story
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Unless you are a regular in the fitness or nutrition community, it is highly unlikely that you have ever heard of John Barban. What you wouldn’t know, or couldn’t know unless you went looking for it, is that John Barban, Pioneering Nutrition and Fitness Guru Against All Odds, has created a name and a brand for himself by refuting the most popular fitness and nutrition research that has been around for decades. His commitment to what he perceives is the unveiling of the great lie of the diet industry can be seen in grand display by the blogs he produces for both his disciples and his critics.

How John Barban Got His Start?

Like most men, John started out his teenage years not feeling good about his appearance and wanting to make some changes. This would prove to be a large source of frustration for young John Barban as he tried and tried diet after diet, workout after workout, all falling flat in terms of results that met John’s expectations. He could not figure out why with so much commitment to diets and workouts, that he was just never realizing his dream of physical fitness. This frustration would kick off a quest to find the answers that young John was looking for, the secrets to the ideal physique.

John came into his new found mission in earnest, he studied how everyone else said fitness and nutrition got done correctly at the Canadian University of Guelph in Ontario. It was there that John’s passion for this topic and way of life came to be. John Barban studied Human Biology and Nutrition at the university and went on to earn his Masters degree in the same field of study at the university. He is even a certified kinesiologist, as a fully committed professional to the ideology of being the best that a person can be physically and nutritionally. Following his pursuit of almost every single solitary physical fitness and personal training certificate that he could get his hands on, John took his pursuit to further his education at the University of Florida where he would seek to do research and teach at the university. It was this venture that would start him on his journey to the man, the myth, and the budding legend that he is becoming today.

John Meets Brad Pilon and the Lights Come On

While he was doing his research, teaching at the university, John would meet Brad Pilon and together they would reach a conclusion, none of the supplements really do what they claim and diet and exercise alone, without a proper and correct strategy will avail anyone nothing. All the education and research finally was starting to pay off. John and Brad would discover the secret to ideal the physique for each individual man and they would call it the Adonis Index.

This research was groundbreaking because the science of the attaining the ideal physique was taken back to before science was even applied to human history. Their assertion in their research was that the ideal physique is centered around the primal instincts of a woman and what her natural DNA drives to find attractive in a man. The idea that this basic and unconscious law of attraction actually mattered in how the body is designed for optimal physical fitness was completely unsurfaced in modern fitness and nutrition technology. Their Golden Ratio used the idea that this primal truth could be used to help each individual man understand what his optimal ratio was and what could be done physically and nutritionally to his body for that ideal condition, specifically suited for his body type. John and Brad knew that this research would rock the nutrition and fitness world and fly in the face of much of the research and products designed around them today. Still, John Barban remained committed to discovering the answers he has started looking for on his journey so long ago. Thus, he and Brad Pilon would write their first book entitled, The Adonis Index.

The Adonis Index Hits The Bookstore Shelves

This book put forth all of John Barban’s research and unfolded the plan of how the Adonis Index works and how to make it happen in your life. John knew it would catch some heat from industry “experts” but he also knew that the public had a right to know what the truth was and how simple it really was. His book was a success. Today, John and Brad offer trainings with their online university called “U”, bringing forth the knowledge of this program and discipline to properly eat and workout to achieve the ideal ratio for each individual’s body to attain effective, quick results. The courses are 3 to 4 months in length and take students through John and Brad’s research and teachings so they can understand how the Adonis Index works for themselves.

What About Women?

The good news is that John has put forth a program for women called the Venus Index. This program works in much of the same way as the Adonis Index but for the physiology of a woman. Since most of the diet industry is squarely aimed at the hard earned money and weight struggles of women, this newer program from John Barban is being met with great success.

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What Venus Means to Women Today

Venus is the Roman goddess of love, and was seen as the mother of the Roman people in ancient times. Her son was Aeneas, who survived the fall of Troy, and after the battle, fled and became the legendary founder of Rome. She was forever claimed as an ancestor by the great emperors of Rome. She also has relevance to today’s society. She is an inspiration and role model for many women today. Her beauty, power, and influence are models many try to emulate. Where do we see these influences take shape? What is it about her history that intrigues so many women? This short article quickly shows how the history of Venus shaped her into the icon we know today.


Her story originated from the Greek equal, Aphrodite. Along with love, she embodies sex, beauty, seduction, enticement, temptation, and the persuasive female charm—she originally was the goddess of fertility and gardens. She was born from sea foam, according to mythology; others have said she was the daughter of Zeus and Dione. Her watery origins made her a symbol of regenerating life. She was supposed to be the one to calm male tempers and bring peace. Her husband is the god of fire, Vulcan. She brings balance and accepts all, and can give successes such as military, sexual, and monetary. Both Venus and Aphrodite are known for their beauty, jealousy, and affairs with both mortals and gods.
She has two sons, Cupid and Aeneas. Cupid is the famous patron of Valentine’s Day, and Aeneas was a hero of the Trojan War, and legendary founder of Rome. Julius Caesar worshipped Venus as “Mother Venus”—erecting a temple in her name.

Modern Relevance

Venus is often seen as a current role model for women, and is often featured in marketing ads and campaigns. For instance, Venus is the name of a popular cosmetic line for women, made by Gillette. The commercials promote sophisticated beauty and cleanliness. Even the song they play have words such as desire, fire, and other words related to the history and mythology of the goddess. The images portrayed in this ad make a woman feel glamorous and sexy, the ideal image every woman wants to be. The modern portrayal of the goddess is something most women strive for—success, power, and beauty. She is the ideal woman. The modern woman strives to be a goddess of her own. The power of her beauty is what motivates some women, but not in a vain way. Venus was calm and peaceful, bringing harmony to everywhere she went.

Another modern adaptation of Venus is DKNY’s Be Delicious perfume. A symbol of Venus was the apple, and the sensual and seductive commercial is a clear representation of the beauty and temptation of Venus. Subliminal advertisement is a powerful way to send messages to women. These underlying messages tell a woman what she needs to buy to become her own goddess—specific perfumes and shaving products that somehow improve a woman’s beauty and power. There are even books about embracing your inner goddess. “Unbinding the Heart” by Agapi Stassinopoulis is a best-selling book about unlocking your inner goddess and harnessing her power in your daily life. The author was born in Greece, and advocates for finding and promoting our true inner selves. She values, wisdom, caring, playfulness, and generosity, which inspire her to be the best she can be each and every day. Pick up her book for an inspirational read that every woman can connect with to find her inner goddess.

Venus was, and still is, a very important figure in many aspects of today’s world. Women all over the world look up to her beauty and power as something to strive for. Advertisers use her image and symbolism for their ads, claiming they will release a woman’s inner goddess. She is a fixture of many different things, from books and movies, to perfumes and beauty products. No matter what context you find her in, Venus is always a promotion of a woman’s strength, independence, beauty, and power—something that will continue far into the future.

Why John Barban choose the name venus factor for  his best program?

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