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The variety of methods that can be used for hemorroid removal
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  • Banding : This is a common procedure of hemorroids removal that has been used for many years. Small band is placed around the hemorroid very strongly. This cuts off the blood supply to the hemorroid and it will begin to shrivel. After one or two days, it will fall off and the patient can get on with the healing progression. The procedure is virtually painless, and it is usually quite effective
  • Hemorroidectomy: Hemorroids removal through direct surgical intervention is called a hemorroidectomy. The hemoroids are simply cut out. Hemoroid removal can be painful, particularly for the external variety. After surgery, hurting is managed through home -treatment methods, such as drinking a lot of water and eating high -fiber foods to remain hydrated and bring to an end constipation. Health professionals advise that you take stool softeners that contain fiber to help make your bowel movements smooth. And straining during bowel movements can cause hemeriods to come back
  • Infrared Coagulation (IRC): This technique of hemorroids removal uses infrared light, which is used to coagulate the small vessels found in a hameriods, and can be quite useful in smaller and less severe cases. That is generally performed in an office or an outpatient clinic, and is accompanied by minimal discomfort.


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