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There are several different operations for hemorroids
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There are several different operations for hemorroids. In the common operation, the swollen spongy pad that forms the hemorroids is cut away. It’s painful for 7–14 days afterwards. A newer operation, called stapling, involves cutting away a 2-3 cm strip of the lining of the rectum and joining the cut edges with a special stapler. People who seem to recover quicker from ‘stapling’ than from the ordinary operation. It’s not yet a common operation in the UK, but it’s popular in the rest of Europe. Even if it’s less painful than the ordinary operation, it likes to be less effective in the long-term and about 12% of people have a recurrence of the hemorroids within 10-16 months. However, more research is needed.

Rubber Band Ligation.
Your hemorroid specialist can also determine which procedures is best for you.Those outpatient procedures include Rubber Band Ligation, which involves placement of a band around some of the tissue causing the hemorroidal problems.This will cut off the blood supply to the affected area and the hemorroid will eventually shrivel up and fall off. The enormous majority of procedures can be performed by hemorroid specialists in an outpatient setting and it is possible to continue most activities immediately following a procedure. Some recovery times are usually quite short as well

Your hemorroid doctor may also advise that you undergo a special colon cancer screening study (colonoscopy), mainly if you have never had one done, or if you are over the age of 50s. The American Cancer Society recommends that all adults over this age have a screening done every 5-10years, although in some cases, more frequent screenings may be needed. A colon cancer screen combines a variety of different diagnostic procedures and is typically quite painless and quick. Those screenings can help your hemorroid doctor spot any underlying health issues that may be causing your condition. Additionally, frequent screens can help increase the odds of discovering any abnormalities while they are still easy to treat.

Be aware also that doctors can fire uncooperative patients. If your hemorroid doctor has made a reasonable effort to convince you and your doctor is right according to mainstream medicine, he or she may refuse to see you again. If your doctor should go far, it may be difficult to find a family doctor in the future, as other doctors do not want to take a risk on accepting a patient who won't listen. For that reason, it is important to maintain open channels of communication, to always be polite and civil, and to make sure that any hemorroid doctor you’re considering is open to your priorities, such as natural remedies before entering that doctor's care.



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