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Top 15 Homeopathic Remedies
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There are various causes for kidney disease like hypertension, diabetes, lupus, genetics and kidney stones. If not treated, kidney disease only leads to chronic kidney or renal failure.

Modern medicine involves the use of drugs, kidney dialysis and kidney transplants to treat kidney disease. They however only help delay complete kidney failure. Homeopathic remedies on the other hand help treat damaged kidneys by stimulating the body’s immune system.

Homeopathic medicine is administered through two major approaches; classic and complex. The classic approach treats kidney disease using a single remedy based on the patient’s constitutional type and symptoms. However most homeopathic practitioners use the complex approach where various remedies are used to treat serious ailments and kidney disease symptoms.



Kidney Disease Solution

Top 15 Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies from  Kidney Disease Solution treats kidney failure based on the individual patient and the ‘rubrics’ or conditions associated with the kidney disease. There are however some common homeopathic remedies that homeopathic doctors use to treat the cardinal symptoms of kidney failure like:

1. Ammonium carbonicum: mental sluggishness, fatigue, turbid, bloody, scanty or fetid urine and painful urination.
2. Apis mellifica: kidney inflammation, urine suppression and general edema.
3. Arsenic album: scanty and burning urination, difficult urination and nephritis.
4. Aurum metallicum: urine with mucous sediment and painful retention of urine.
5. Belladonna: inflamed kidneys.
6. Cannabis indica: urinary tract infections.
7. Chelidoniumm majus: copious urination, pale white urine and frequent night urination.
8. Cuprum Arsenicosum: painful urination, discolored urine and kidney function.
9. Cuprum Metallicum: clear watery urine, sharp pain in urethra, bed-wetting, urine suppression and frequent urination of fetid and viscid urine.
10. Glonoin: kidney inflammation and frequent night urination and helonia’s rubrics are anemia, irritability, kidney inflammation and dullness.
11. Juniperus Virginiana: heaviness in kidney region and water retention.
12. Opium: general edema, urine suppression, uremic convulsions, body sluggishness, black stool and white urine.
13. Phosphorous: uremia, turbid urine with sedimentation, kidney swelling and extreme fatigue.
14. Sanicula Aqua: kidney stones and inflammation and bladder irritation.
15. Terebinthina: kidney and urinary tract inflammation and discolored urine.

All kidney diseases benefit from homeopathic treatment, including the end stages of the disease where dialysis is usually considered the only viable treatment option. It also proves beneficial after a kidney transplant operation as it helps reduce the chances of donor rejection.

To top it all, homeopathic  Kidney Disease Solution remedies cost only a fraction of allopathic medicine or pharmaceutical drugs. This is also another reason why many people prefer using homeopathic remedies to treat kidney disease. Remember however, that kidney disease is a dangerous condition that has to be treated by a qualified health care professional.

You should not attempt to self-treat yourself using homeopathic remedies for kidney disease. Like any form of alternative medicine, it is better to consult your healthcare professional before starting homeopathy. Basically homeopathy with allopathic medicine, along with a strict diet of reduced sodium and protein consumption and controlling potassium, phosphorus and calcium intake can help to be your Kidney Disease Solution.


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