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Viable hemorroid treatments
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The first and most common hemorroid cure for any hemorroid flare up is, yes of course, that called a sitz bath. What is a sitz bath? A sitz bath is where the hemorroid sufferer fills either a small pan or their bathtub with lukewarm water. The water must always be warm as hot water may make worse the already irritated skin around the hemorroid. After sitting in the water for between 15-20 minutes, letting the infected area soak in the water, get out of the water and gently dab the area dry with a warm cloth. Make sure to dab the area and not wipe, as wiping will only aggravate the areas. In the worst of cases, you could exaggerate the area to the point where you draw blood.

Another method of hemorroid cure that is quick is through the use of medicated ointments and creams. A lot of hemorroid creams are readily available over the counter at your nearest pharmacy, although in rare cases you can have one prescribed by a physician. Many of those ointments have anesthetics in them to help quicken the soothing of the affected area. The disadvantage to this technique, nevertheless, is that many people complain of the mess that is associated with the application of the cream. Due to the nature of applying the cream, it’s not always easy to find the infected areas, in addition to the mess of simply having the cream on your fingers. And another drawback to this method of hemorroid treatment is in the fact that the actual application of the cream can be a painful, slow development.

A third option is through fixative procedure because many tend to avoid or to undergo a surgical procedure to remove and cure their hemorroids. More frequently than not, the procedure that people undergo is a simple process called rubber band ligation. The progression is very uncomplicated. After having the hemorroid or hemorroids examined by a doctor, the physician will wrap a small rubber band around the swollen husk of skin. The rubber band then acts as a device that strangles the husk, cutting off air flow and eventually killing the hemorroid. So the dead mass is then removed, along with the band, during ordinary bowel movements.



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